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G75VX SSD upgrade and RAID

Level 7
Hey everybody!
I got a new SSD for my laptop but i'm unsure of a couple of things:
after installing windows (8) is it ok to turn on security check?
what RAID configuration is better seeing as i got the SSD and the 750 HDD?
is the recovery partition that comes with the laptop any good and is it worth moving on a stick and the SSD? also, i'm pretty sure that there are two partitions needed to boot in recovery mode, which is the second one?

Level 14
post in the note book section to get the help you need.

on my browser it appears on the asus/republic of gamers notebooks/g75,g55 and g46 series notebooks. am i doing something wrong?

AlexK661, Your in the right place , I wouldn't try to set up any Raid between your SSD and Hard Drive. Just use your SSD for your OS and important programs/Games that will benefit for the extra speed. Everything else goes to your hard drive. If you want to keep the partition on your currant Hard drive you can they don't take up much space. Just format the old OS and Data partitions and merge them if you like or What ever. If your able to clean install to the SSD then you really don't need the recovery partition. As you will be creating your own Images for restoring?

Some notes and Guides for upgrading to a SSD are located here
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Thank you Clintlgm. i thought you needed Raid 1 for size configuration for 2 drives, but i did some more research on it.

RAID is only good if you have two identical drives, which you clearly don't. For SSDs, which are already really fast, there isn't much reason to do it anyway. RAID 1 is mirrored mode, which means that you have better data reliability, at the cost of using twice as much space (Data is written once to each drive).
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