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G75VX screen flickering

Level 10
I am building this thread upon the following:

But I am opening the new topic because it is model specific (G75VX).

This model comes with AUO B173HW02 V1 monitor panel (mate non-3D).

It works great except that I noticed weird flicker in one specific situation:

Owners of G75VX please reply to this thread and let me know whether your screen flickers on the image above as mine.

The flicker is present at native resolution 1920 X 1080 and at default 32bit color.


Level 7
And I thought I had problems due to the Chi Mei CMO1720 panel in my Asus G75VX. Makes me start to wonder if it's something else that's causing all the troubles.

Glad I finally decided to RMA the Asus for a refund.

Level 9
how long have user uses than flickering and how to user use than flickering like overclock or play game, watch movie?

Mike_Lu@ASUS wrote:
how long have user uses than flickering and how to user use than flickering like overclock or play game, watch movie?

Can you please rephrase this. I do not understand. If it is a question posed to me I have a brand new laptop with this issue. I do not notice the flicker in other situations but just in the image above.

Level 10
It seems like the flicker goes away if I set the brightness to 40%, contrast to 22 or 47% and gamma to 81%. All other settings the image above flickers. Nvidia drivers 310.83 by ASUS.

It is obvious that no other owner of G75VX sees the image above with flicker. I guess my monitor is faulty.

Level 8
i see the image flicker too, but i think it's nothing, i'm more worried abou horizontal lines at dark color.

Level 10
I do not see the flicker on my desktop monitor and on my other laptops at home and work.

I know it is nothing but keeps bothering me since I have not noticed this anomaly on any other panel/monitor. And I just bought the laptop.

Thanks for your response.

I can confirm this and also running V1.

It'a called: Pixel-Walk

From what I read, most cheap 6bit TN and IPS panels have similar results. The AUO B173HW02 V1 is 6bit.

"This is not a problem on it's own as the PWM frequency is always high enough that the human eye can not perceive it. The problem is when this frequency or it's harmonics are close a frequency of the LCD, patterns will be created in the light intensity called beat patterns. Since these beat patterns are dependent on the absolute frequency of the LCD and LED PWM, and since each GPU and the LED PWM are sourced from different clocks, the issue will be different for every motherboard, and will vary with such things as voltage and temperature."

Notice how certain boxes will flicker after you locate your browser window to a different corner of the screen.

It's inherit by cheaper hardware component control and calibration.

Level 8
Tried the 85hz, works on asus g75vw. Forced it in my nvidia control software.

Level 10
Thanks Dreamonic. I am sorry to hear that you and the rest of the people replying to this thread see the flicker too.

At the same time it is also pointing that my laptop screen is the same as the panels in the entire line of ASUS laptops.

I tried lagom tests the first day when I got the screen but did not notice pixel walk. I do not see it even now on the blocks on their site no matter where I place the firefox window. Only the image above in this thread is flickering constantly no matter where it is located on the screen.

Thank you once again.

85Hz on the VX is reducing the flicker but not completely. Also the picture is getting oddly brighter so it is obvious that 85Hz is not in line with the pixels speed. The maximum speed without distortion is 74Hz on my panel. And it does not eliminate the flicker.