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G75VX-RH71-CA WiFi Drivers

Level 7
I'm new here, but I've used Google, the forum search bars and can't seem to find any answer to this question. I got my VX today and immediately wanted to get Windows 8 off and install Windows 7. After some searches and downloads, I finally got Windows 7 installed.

Some of the drivers (Ethernet, USB Controller) were on the driver cd provided by asus. They even included the Windows 7 & 8 driver discs. I went through both looking for a wifi driver, but to no avail. I went to the support website for both the VX and VW, tried all the wifi drivers, but none worked.

I've tried a few drivers from other sites and even some mentioned on this forum, but they still don't want to install. I'm exhausted and having a real problem with this. If anyone has any solutions, suggestions, or tips, I'm all ears.

BTW, one of my "genius" moves came from erasing everything on the drive. The OS, the Recovery, everything. So if I have to go back to Windows 8, I guess I'll have to do it from scratch, but if nothing will work with 8, then I think I just shot myself in the head because they probably won't take it back now 😞

ok i just but this laptop during last week,and found myself to this website/forum.

***** I GOT THE Wireless adapter to work, BUT, NOT THE BT!!!

the adapter is a Broadcom 802.11 AC.
Now for starters, the only drivers i could get to work are for the ironic!! the new Asus 802.11 AC adapter. lol
hey atleast it works,,,but whats funny is even asus tech support couldnt figure that out,,it took one nerd 1 day of owning the laptop who thinks win 8 should be left for tablets only and prefers win 7 ultimate better. ya enjoy ppls.
use the ASUS PCE-AC66 driver version of the driver for win 7 64bit


****EDITED IN...
The bluetooth driver is in the win8 cd the laptop driver disk use the win64 folder.. BUT you cant run the setup you need to manually force it in the device manager.
yep everything works perfect for windows 7 ultimate..
anyone need help PM me ,and ill see if i can..

JWaterman wrote:
I'm still hanging on to hope that there will be that one post that solves the problem for everyone having this problem. I'll keep checking around and will post if anything comes up. Still wanting to try the option of removing the drive, swapping in a new one, installing 7, and messing around with it. Would at least guarantee that the laptop will function if Windows 7 is a total loss on this model.

I believe BuLaxa has the 802.11 ac wifi card (which is "cutting edge" and therefore no "legacy" driver compatible with win7 atm). However, I have the G75VX-DH72-CA model which has the same wifi card as yours I believe, and I was able to install the win7 driver from the cd that came with and get it working. The folder should be titled "Atheros". Try uninstalling any current drivers you have installed for the WLAN, rebooting, and installing the one from the cd in that folder.