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G75VX or G750JW

Level 7
Hello guys, I have the option to get either one for the same price.
I have the G750JW at the moment, and for some reason that I can't find a fix for the processor runs only at .77ghz(never any faster) on battery.
I checked out a G75VX in store today and on battery it ran at a normal speed, jumping between 1.23 ghz to 2.8ghz that I saw.
So my question is, is the G75vx possibly better? I know it can actually run reliably on battery...

Level 7
The G750JX is much better but how about the JW? since the Jx is better than the jw...

Level 7
the Gtx670mx is better than the gtx 765m? and I'm trying to do research saying that the i7-3630qm is better than the i704700hq but can't find anything showing me that

Level 9
i7 3630QM is not better than the i7 4700HQ in any scenario, either that be performance or power consumption. You can check some simple scoring on this website

As far as the graphics card, GTX670MX is on par with GTX765M while GTX770M is about 20-40% better then the GTX670MX depending on the game.
GTX770M vs GTX670MX
GTX765M vs. GTX670MX