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G75vx modern bios please

Level 7
I own G75VX and I am very upset what I have to go through to overclock my card a bit knowing that its only using 70% of its potential could anyone at ASUS ROG please give us BIOS with option of flashing Video Bios or modyfing it, all I want is to be able to use features this laptop is capable of doing isn't it what ROG stands for ? Im a gamer and I like squeezing every FPS i can get from my system ... please ?

Level 8

Well thats what I use but with that maxed out the card is only at 50 degrees celsius gtx670mx is a kepler card and this particular model is capable of much higher clocks, if you could bump voltage by very very little that card could run +300 gpu core and +1300 on memory it would put it in gtx 680m territory which would allow you to run bf3 at steady 70 fps on 64/64 server with all on ultra

Level 10
if you wanted several bios updates in order to squeeze every possible frames the ASUS brand is not a primary choice. They make good products, but as soon they release a model, they usually update the drivers during 6 to 12 months and then you feel forgotten. It recent time it happenend with the g73, g74 and now the g75 would be no exception.

I bought the g74, and during the first 6 months, new drivers would be updated, the bios had 3 versions.. then everything just stalled. I bought the asus because of the combo CPU/GPU/AirflowCASE. The rest is not bad, but is NOT VERY GOOD (touchpad, audio, lcd, chipset) It is like ASUS gather a nice pack of these 3 things (CPU / GPU / CASE) and then it started a bid from several manufacturers. Who could supply the rest of the components at the lowest price possible.

If i wanted top edge, bios optimization, so on so on.. i would have bought the MSI gamer edition laptops. Yes you read it correctly, MSI.
I didn't buy the Alienware m17x because at the time there was an audio bug that made the games sound like they were clipping and delayed, and also provoked a lot of latency.. Alienware/Dell took more than 1 year to have that issue solved.

So yes, you are on your own!

PS. the MSI had a better soundcard, a better touchpad and their M/B supported hardware RAID. But the case, oh the case was much hotter!

Asus does use quality parts JAP capacitors Samsung memory modules as far as this notebook goes, but support for drivers is horrible. Infact so bad that every device in device manager I had to go to manufacturers website to get the update much less buggy drivers among them INTEL rapid storage driver which gave me boost in performance for my RAID0 ssd drives which went from 800MB/SEC to 1.2 GIG /SEC Just with updated driver, shame on you ASUS great product very lil support I am about make my own website with updated Driver downloads for all peripherals this notebook comes with that includes latest NVIDIA drivers. Just not sure if anyone is intrested.