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G75VX - Formatted the OS Partition and now unable to run recovery

Level 8
Hi there, tried to install windows 7 since I dont like windows 8, G75vx's SSD comes with 4 or 5 partitions, I only formated the one with OS from the windows 7 installation screen, didnt touch other partition drives since I know it has recovery files in it, windows 7 said unable to install the formated drive in GPT disk, so i gave up and decide to go back to windows 8 using asus's own recovery system from boot up, and choose recovery, but it keep saying recovery failed, missing partition something like that.

is there any way to put the windows 8 back into this drive and make it like what the laptop comes factory default?

currently had to use my extra ssd from my old laptop to install windows 7 on MBR format, but I still want the original Liteon SSD from G75VX work like factory default incase I have to sell the laptop in the future.

Level 9
so you mean when you press f9 does not work? are you broke recover partition already?

Level 8
I could enter the recovery system with windows 8 theme like blue background , but when I choose recovery windows 8 it says fail to recovery

Level 9
Guess some recoveryfiles/paths were on the partition you formatted and that is why it wont work, nothing to do about that unless you want to try and recover the whole partition with 3th party recover programs.
otherwise you will have to get your hands of windows 8 install files dvd/usb and then just reinstal from there, apparently the key is stored in bios if the laptop came with windows 8.