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G75VX fans spin hard at idle

Level 7
Like the title says, I'm just surfing the web or using Excel and my PC fans are spinning faster than what I think they should.
I ran AVG, Ccleaner, and Malwarebytes and did not find anything.
Yes, I did clean the fans out and I did see dust bunnies. I did not use a can of air though. I will try that later tonight.
Suppose cleaning the fans doesn't work, what should my next step be?

P.S. In the task manager under the "Performance" tab, my C drive is almost always at 100%.
I already disabled windows services like superfetch, prefetch, and bits. I disabled Cortana under regedit, my SSD is barely half full, and I cannot find any programs that causes 100% active time. It boots relatively fine though I do experience some hang time when opening up a web browser or game client.