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G75VW Wakes up from sleep mode (Windows7 Ultimate)

Level 7
Hello folks, did anybody run into this problem that this laptop just comes out of sleep mode?
I tried almost everything I could and it still doing it:

1, I went through and disabled all scheduled tasks which would wake the computer up in the task scheduler
2, I quit from most of the programs before I put my laptop to sleep (only tools like blizzard launcher, steam, total commander, winamp etc. was running which would probably never cause this)
3, I looked at all bios options (like put the computer to deeper sleep mode), tried to turn it on/off it didnt work
4, I have no wake on lan configured and I only use wifi

I think this is something related to this hardware and not a fault.

Any help is welcome.


Level 7

This morning my laptop turned on again at 6:40 around when I woke up. What the hekk..
I will be sure it will be turned on by the time I go back home too....

I have this bios version:

Anybody any ideas?!?

Level 7
Last night what happend was that the laptop "fall back" into hibernation. It come out of sleep mode and hibernated. I think the power management on thi VW is really messed up!!

Level 7

This seems to be solved. It was the stupid windows power management!!!

I didn't even think it through at the beginning, that it has to be a windows thing since my laptop works flawlessly in linux but then it occured to me.

This was caused by a power settings which puts the laptop into hibernation after 300 minutes (5 hours), this even happens when the laptop is in sleep mode already! This is why windows woke the laptop up randomly the middle of the night, however sometimes it did fail to hibernate afterwards.

That is why it looked that *some program* wakes it up from sleep mode.

I hope this will help others in the future too who run into this issue. This is a gaming laptop what you don't want to carry around or hibernate and all that. You just open it play, put it back to sleep mode and do it again next day 🙂