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G75VW touchpad (new owner)

Level 7
I found a G75VW for free at my local recycle center. I've cleaned it up and everything works great except for the touchpad.
I've tried all of the suggestions that were posted in the past here but none work well.
The issue is that two finger scrolling is inconsistent. I'll swipe 3-4 times and the scrolling won't work, then on the 5th time it will start to scroll. I've adjusted sensitivity, installed/uninstalled ATK drivers, nothing works.
I don't think there is a problem with the touchpad because one finger gestures works well.
I know this is an old machine, but I'd love to get it up and running because sadly, despite it being 9 years old, it's faster than my current cheap laptop.

OS: Windows 10

Level 7
i hope you get it fixed. i'm using it now and it's a great machine that indeed is super fast and very expandable. i hate touchpads and i admire anyone that can successfully use them. . plus with my palm resting id never be able to use one anyway. i only had the machine apart once but i dont remember if there's a ribbon between the touchpad and the MB. you can find videos of fan replacement on youtube and maybe see if theres a connector that could just be loose.

Touchpads are capacitive meaning there's a tiny electrical discharge. Sometimes if you have a grounding issue or if the layers are starting to delaminate you might have unpredictable behavior. The only way you could really tell would be to take the machine apart. In the past I have added some foil tape strategically around a touchpad to help with grounding but if the touchpad is broken you might be best off just finding a replacement and swapping it out.
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