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G75VW- Talked to Tech Support, might have to remove some RAM?

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To start, I called tech support a couple of hours ago about my G75VW monitor which has been going black, obviously a bad hardware problem. I am going to ship it off in a day or two once I get these questions resolved.

First, when I talked to tech support, I was told that if the computer had any modifications it would be returned to default factory condition. The problem is that I bought my computer from GenTech PC who customized it with more RAM. I have 24GB installed instead of the default 16GB. Would this be considered "factory" since GenTech is an authorized seller(I don't think you can buy direct from Asus) and I had them customize it? If I do have to remove it, second question.

The second question is if I do have to remove one stick of RAM( I believe I have 3 sticks 8GB), what exactly would I need to? I know how to put it in, this is odd because I wouldn't expect to take it out since I would have assumed that the entire computer as is would be covered under warranty!

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I think you should be dealing with GenTech on this defective new customized system. If they are a reputable dealer, they should make things right with no additional cost to you.
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This is excellent advice. I will call them tomorrow and see what I can do. I checked their website and it appears I might be able to ship to them instead to be repaired.


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I think GenTech will be more interested in your satisfaction for future business from you and other members of this forum. My opinion anyway....I could be wrong. But it's what I expect from someone that takes my money for a gadget. If it doesn't work, I expect them to make it right or I take my future business elsewhere.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Contacted Gentech- they said that the components shouldn't be removed but to go ahead and put down on the RMA that I have these upgrades done by them.
The only question I have left is that it appears I have to pay for all the shipping to there? I would assume they would pay for the way back.
EDIT-I'm pretty sure I have to pay for the way there(it says so in the email I got that I provide shipping materials), I have to ask this pretty dumb and obvious question because with the two other tech companies I've dealt with, Apple and Lenovo, they will ship you out a box and they take care of all the shipping.

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Hi supersparkvark,

Can you PM me with your RMA information so I can look into this for you? Some units qualify for free 2 way shipping and others do not.

I've been running 24GB ram like a boss since I got mine. Installed it before I ever turned it on. As a computer shop owner, I do know that some DDR3 chips do not like playing nice together.

Does it run okay with the 2 dimm's removed from underneath? If so, I would call the people you got it from (I don't think ASUS sold a 24GB config) and ask them for new ram.

This laptop + 24GB ram + Vertex3 SSD = 😮
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How long have you had your G75, @superspark?

Did your black screen issue occur right out of the box?
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

@Mason@Asus- Thanks, but I already called tech support again yesterday and found I did qualify for free shipping. I got the email and had it shipped today. If you still need the RMA number I can PM it to you.

@whackamac- I did suspect that DDR3 wasn't playing nice(read about it in another thread) but ruled this out because for one the laptop operated for most of two months flawlessly. If this issue starts up again after I get it back I will take out the two dimms and see how it works.

@dstrakele- No, the black screen occurred as I said in the last two sentences happened about mostly through most of the first two months I had it.

Some additional info on what is happening: The screen has gone black at a variety of places through startup; ROG logo, Windows 7 logo, log in, etc. It has gone from log in to black, I have also logged in, gone to black, also made it to desktop only for it to go black a few minutes later. In other words the variation of it doing this is great. Have had some consistent flickering then to black. Some temporary remedies(besides finally getting tired of doing all that and just grabbing an external monitor I have) were shutting it down, taking out both battery and power cord, holding the power button for 40 seconds, and booting up again. Another temp remedy was to tap the screen, this only worked a couple of times. The one time it did work was when I bumped into and the display went off, then bumping it the other way made it come back. Found that moving the screen back and forth actually made the display come back...but the slightest movement made it go away.

Anyway as said before I have shipped it off.