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G75VW-T1086V Freezing

Level 7
Okay, so I've had this awesome laptop for more than a week now, and every now and then it starts to freeze up, it's happened 99% of the time whenever I play League of Legends, it's like the display and everything freezes, but every application in the background is still working (like Skype, my laptop froze once and I still was able to talk on Skype with it "frozen")

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I thought it was the Display Driver (NVIDIA GTX 670), I had it upgraded to version 306 (Verde beta driver from NVIDIA site), I reinstalled the older version (296.97 from the ASUS site for the laptop) and it still hasn't shown any difference...

Level 7

In the NVIDIA Control Panel, my "Adjust image settings with preview 3D option" was set to "Use my preference emphasizing : QUALITY". I've put it back to "Let the 3D application decide" and it still has a weird FPS problem whenever I play League... Hope I find out a solution.

Can anyone please share their NVIDIA Control Panel settings? I'm not sure what to put when trying to play.
It seems to me like even though I don't play in 3D, the 3D settings mess with the graphic performance whenever I play, is it the same with everyone else?

Laptop freezes at times during usage, happened just now when it was 'idle'...

Level 14
1) The lockup could result from a driver conflict. Antivirus, AntiMalware, Firewall, Remote Access, and Disk Management software are the usual suspects. What have you installed on your system?

2) Run CHKDSK C: /F /R from an elevated Command Prompt (right-click on the Command Prompt icon and choose "Run as Administrator" from the popup menu, then enter the command) to confirm your filesystem and disk media are sound.

3) Run memtest86+ to confirm your laptop's memory is sound.

4) Check the Windows System and Application Event Logs to see if they point to a troubleshooting direction.

5) You want to complete your troubleshooting while your laptop is still within your retailer's exchange/return period. If you are pressed for time, do an F9 ASUS Factory Restore and see if you can reproduce the lockup by installing as little additional software as possible. If you can, return your laptop to the retailer for an exchange. If not, watch carefully any software or updates you install to the laptop.

Running a Linux "LiveCD" distribution is an alternative method of troubleshooting if your lockup is caused by hardware or software. You just boot from the CD and try to reproduce the lockup. If you can, it is most likely hardware.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

I did all of that already. It still quite freezes at times...
It's really annoying especially when I use the laptop from it being 'idle', it just freezes and I have t restart the computer...


Still no change... laptop still occasionally freezes :'(

JayFel wrote:
I did all of that already.

I see...What did you do for items #1 and #4?

What were the results of items #2, #3, and #5?

When you booted from the Linux LiveCD, were you able to reproduce the lockup?
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT