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G75vw screen dimming

Level 7
Hi guys, I have an issue that is pissing me off and so far I can't find any setting to disable this feature.

Like a month ago I noticed that my screen is dimming automatically, this happens when I change from a dark screen (potplayer) to a light screen (word) and vice versa. Is like there is an option to dim the display to protect or relieve the eyes, I know that some times that can be useful but is pissing me off, especially when I'm working with text in Word; like right now the dark background from the forum dimmed my screen and if I switch to word it takes like 2 seconds to increase the brightness, same thing when I'm playing WoT switching from sniper mode to normal view changes the brightness.

So far I tried turning off "Adaptive brightness" in power setting but it doesn't change anything.

Please if somebody knows how to solve this or if there is an option in the nVidia Control Panel (GeForce 331.40 BETA) let me know.


Level 9
please reinstall the utilities and install again, also change nvidia driver to official not beta.