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G75vw 's Mat****a does not write anymore

Level 7
Maybe Starforce's protection system has something to do with it but...
I have been reported Power Calibration Error by free mp3 cd burner and win7 says that write speed is not appropriate.
I can not write CD neither DVD. It reads them though.
Around the web some say this might be an electrical problem, due to the AC.
My power pack produces some soft buzzes from within, so I might agree with that. What do you think? :confused:

Level 9
if you have concerns buzzes sound, send to service center to check.

Just to complete the information, buzzes from AC cable's box - can't remember its english name - comes and go, it's not always there.

And I was able to write 2 DVD's after a clean new installation of win7. I thought it had gone. But it was just 2! Now I can not burn no more. I have done another new fresh installation. Nothing changes. Either I chose the wrong writing speed, either my cd is of poor quality, either Power Calibration Error. :mad:

Maybe power stability could be the origin of another kind of problem: I experience a kind of huge flickering on the screen. If I turn the frequence down to 40hz, the flickering stops - or I can't notice it due to low freq.

Anyway I will send it for a repairing as soon as possible.