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G75vw random shut downs

Level 7
So my g75vw randomly shuts down, like as if it lost power out of the blue, anyone got a clue why is it doing this? Its plugged into electricity with no battery in but even with battery it does the same thing. It mostly happens while gaming but the CPU and GPU temps never go about 75 Celsius so it's not overheatin.

Level 7
Mine did similar for a while, then started doing it in just windows not gaming. But last time it did it and now it will not even turn on at all. No signs of power at the front LED, known full charged battery will not start it.

It is not a plug issue as it has never has a sensitive plug I have had to jiggle to get connection. and even with a bad connector a known good battery should show signs of life. Hoping someone can chime in here and help both of us.