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G75VW Random Shut Downs

Level 7
(Unless you want to waste your money and pay more to Asus for their mistakes)


I have done a myriad of things, suggested by other people having this problem online, and it has been fruitless. This computer is a little over a year old, and it is inoperable. I am not going to waste my time going into detail, because if you guys have this issue, you will also understand.

This is to anyone out there having random shut down problems with their Asus G75VW, I propose this, after my experiences and upon reading forum loads of your's...

Please contact the NY State Attorney General's Office online and file a consumer complaint form if you purchased this laptop and it has since started randomly shutting off on you, like it has with some many of, after owning it from anywhere from 3 months to only a year and a half after paying $1500 for it.

After calling them about 8-9 times regarding this issue, the final verdict is that they want us to pay for their mistake in manufacturing this faulty computer. They want US to pay for their error, sending it in, paying for shipping, paying for repairs, and moreover, ignoring their mistake and making no effort to remedy it. The problem is evident. Just simply Google search "Asus G75VW shutting down" (Asus, I suggest you do this to educate yourself as well, or to attempt to instill some feeling of guilt in you). You will see multiple forums with people with this problem for their supposed best gaming notebook. Many people have attempted to fix things, but seeing as Asus is ignoring this, they haven't released any statements as to the exact issue, and therefore, no remedy other than making more money off of us by sending it to them for "Repairs".

So, I propose we start filing complaints to our state attorney generals consumer departments. The more complaints we get the more likely the state attorney general will act on our behalf in regard to this problem.

I am in NY state, so I especially encourage anyone living here to file something so we can hopefully get some action taken against this supposed great company.

Their customer service representatives are close to useless, telling me to purchase recovery discs after I said I have reformatted. Giving me instructions for the wrong OS, and so on.

So, let's try and do something. Please contact your own attorney general so we can all try to get a cost free solution to this problem, one that isnt at OUR expense to THEIR errors. Please include your attempts at contact them and your own remedies.

For those in NY, please go here!

Asus also said to go here for complaints to them, though I doubt, given their record, they will do anything.

Good luck all. 🙂

Level 7
Yes. I agree..time to take matters into our own hands.

The community has exhausted every conceivable avenue to fix this problem..a very few have managed to fix the problem, most have not. As far as I can tell, there has been little or no recognition of the Problem from ASUS. They would not even admit to me if others had called in to Tech Support about similar issues on G75's.

I am exploring a return thru the store I purchased my G75 first, once that has finalized for good or bad, I will proceed on to
Attorney General in CA.

Other avenues that could be looked at - small claims court in the state you are in
and of course , the Better Business Bureau

Finally- GO have a look at
The Nomad series notebooks are very good and imagine this, they don't randomly reboot on you daily.


US Customer Loyalty Agent
If you are still under warranty and have not arranged an RMA, consider trying this if you haven't already, but make sure it's not related to any upgraded components like memory.
Otherwise, ASUS will not be able to solve a problem with defective hardware if you don't give them a chance to check and replace it.

Since it doesn't appear every G75VW unit and user is running into this problem, ASUS repair should be able to replace any defective components from ASUS that are causing the problem as long as it's not too difficult to catch.

When you are ready, contact your local ASUS support through this link:

Also, if you didn't see the recent thread about it, one and possibly 2 customers are reporting their shutdown problem have apparently been solved after RMA:!!/page...

bioangel wrote:
so upside they changed the vga board and fixed it. down side im missing rubber feet now.

Sorry to hear those units have not been working better, but hope this helps get them working how they should at least.