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G75VW Random Reboot

Level 9

Read more here:***SOLVED***-G75VW-Reboot-after-Hibernation&p=160222#...

Hullos all!

My G75VW randomly reboots, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

A stock G75VW T1107 - no hardware tweaking of any kind done:
GeForce GTX 670M, 3GB
Intel Core i7 3610QM @ 2.3GHz
750GB SATA HDD. No SSD drive installed. No 2nd drive installed.
BIOS 207 (newest version)

First thing I did was to erase internal HDD, and install Windows 7 Ultimate (I hate bloatware). I used the drivers on the Driver CD that came with the PC.

Device manager does not report any devices as faulty or missing drivers.

The PC just turns off instantly, as if power was pulled - then a 2-3 second pause, and restarts.

There is no pattern (that I can see) to the reboot frequency. No specific action triggers it.
No Blue Screen (reboot at failure has been deactivated).
Nothing in Windows Event Log (except a notification telling me that Windows has unexpectedly shut down).
It has been running for anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 days between crashes.

Crashes has happened while:
Playing Diablo III
Browsing a webpage
Idling in Windows
Reading a .pdf
Changing a setting in BIOS (I did not Save and Exit - simply changed a setting.)
Playing a song in WinAmp
...and a few more I can't remember ;o)

Things I have tried:
Stress testing CPU, GPU, USB ports, internal HDD. Not a hitch - no reboots.
Checked memory with Windows Memtest - all tests completed without error.
CPU/GPU temperatures are well below any critical limits, even during stress tests.

I'm running out of ideas - only thing I can think of is a hardware issue, and I'd really hate to send it in for repairs *sigh*

The BIOS reboots scares me - might've been a fluke, but BIOS crashing spells major trouble to me 😞

Any gurus here who have any ideas?

Additional info, Sep. 17, 2012

Here's what I've found so far:

1) Reboot happens ONLY after Hibernating.
2) Reboot happens exactly 10:04 mins after pressing the power button.

Here's what I've tried after the above discovery (thanks to the other posters in this thread for the Hibernation clue ;o):

All tests run on a clean install of Windows 7. No additional drivers installed.

1) Entered Hibernation, and resumed from Hibernation. Reboot after 10:04 mins.

2) As I cannot enter BIOS when starting from Hibernation, I tried booting from a disc with a boot menu. I left the boot menu active for 10:04 mins, and *POOF* - reboot.

3) Went into Hibernation, booted into boot CD menu, left it for 5 mins, and continued the Hibernation resume into Windows (did not reboot the computer, simply a menu option to continue booting from internal HDD). Reboot after 5 minutes.

4) Went into Hibernation. When computer was off, I removed the power (I know it's powered off when Hibernating, but tried anyways to see if there was a change) and plugged power back in (battery was out). Rebooted in 10:04.

5) This is where it gets spooky:
5.1) Went into Hibernation, PC shut down as normal.
5.2) Powered up, booted into CD boot menu.
5.3) Restarted the computer from the CD boot menu, and removed the CD.
5.4) Booted into Windows (resuming Hibernation as "normal").

Result: No reboot.

To sum it up:
The computer reboots 10:04 mins after hibernation, no matter if I enter a CD boot menu or boots directly into Windows. I think there's some hardware timeout that reboots the PC after 10 mins if resuming from hibernation, no matter if Windows is running or not.

The computer does NOT reboot if I perform a restart from the CD menu, BEFORE allowing the PC to resume hibernation. So apparantly the error is corrected when restarting the computer, even if it directly proceeds to resuming waking up from Hibernation.

I'm stumped - can't figure out what the cause is. Any gurus here who can shed some more light over the subject?

Moishe wrote:
Can you explain why ASUS continues to ship new computers w/ the "defect?"

I think so...

#1 As you found out from calling ASUS Technical Support, they don't even know the issue exists.

#2 The problem is easily resolved by making a configuration change in the BIOS.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Level 7
Has there been any update to this issue? My G46VW is only three weeks old and has just started powering off with no reason and giving a power failure.

Level 7
i got my laptop an year ago g75vw have the same problem .i gave it for repairs they replaced my mother board and grafics board twice now, still it goes off randomly.this is soo frustrating for me .those repair guys also have no clue whats happening i guess... if anyone have a solution pls help me out

Level 7
ASUS G75VW Random Reboots.

ASUS G75VW Reboots random during games ( Random 5 min to 1 Hour )
Tested with OCCT, Heaven and furmark. ( No Reboots )

Hardware specs.

Intel i7 3610QM 4x 2,3 Ghz up to 4x 3,3 Ghz ( Turbo Modus )
12 GB DDR3 Memory)
NVidia GTX670M 3 GB ( Clocked ) GPU 700 MHz … Memory 1600 MHz
1e HDD … 256 GB SSD
2e HDD … 1 TB 5400 RPM

Clocked With MSI Afterburner

Possible solution

In most games there is a option for Vsync.
Disable Vsync ( Turn off )
After I turned off the Vsync option I didn’t have any reboots.

Games tested ( after turn off Vsync in game menu )

MW3 No Reboot
Saints Row III No Reboot
Port Royale No Reboot
Command & conquer Generals Reboot…..No option to Disable Vsync in game menu.

so after owning my g75 since 2012. For the most part issue free minus the know issues with wifi and audio. i have started getting power cut outs. I have tired everything i can think of from drivers to bios. Even fresh install of win 7. I have even tried to disable vsync too no avil. any help would be great. since im out of warrenty im a little on the un happy side of things.

I habe this issue, how ever my g75 will reset when playing games, only started about a year after buying it. Here is the really weird part, mine will reset if you push down on the laptop on the flat plastic area bellow the num pad, basically like if you hand was resting there it would reset. I experimented a bit and everytime i pushed there even with 1 finger it will reset

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Mudkrab wrote:
I habe this issue, how ever my g75 will reset when playing games, only started about a year after buying it. Here is the really weird part, mine will reset if you push down on the laptop on the flat plastic area bellow the num pad, basically like if you hand was resting there it would reset. I experimented a bit and everytime i pushed there even with 1 finger it will reset

Sounds like some kind of hardware-related problem, so if you are still under warranty, consider contacting your local ASUS support to get it taken care of: ""[/URL]

If you decide to go this route, just make sure to let the repair office know how you see the problem, otherwise, they might test it all day and not find the problem you reported, etc.

Good luck!

Level 7
Just received my G75 back from RMA. Here is what Asus did :

My RMA description was similar to others on this thread-random shutdowns that appeared like power being removed from system. Seeming to happen more frequently in graphic intensive operation, but no indication of GPU overheat.

1. Battery error - replace g75 battery sdi fpack
2. Fan error - replace g75vw th vga asy-1
3. System unstable - Replace G75VW VGA-BD./AS (192 bit)
4. Surface Scratch/Broken/Crack - Replace G75VW-1A LCD Hinge Cover ASSY
5. HDD Bad Track - replace SATA M8 1TB 5400R 2.5"
6. Adapter Error - Replace Power Adapter 180W19V(#Pin)

I've only had it back a day, but I ran it continuously for about 3 hours yesterday installing apps without a random reboot.


Level 7
mine always does that also. I bought mine when they first came out and my solution turn off hibernation mode and let it only sleep or just let it turn the screen off. mine always is plugged up on a cooler anyway so just screen Turing off works.

Level 7
Recieved mine from RMA. Pulgged it in and it powered off within 5 minutes. Starting to lose hope on this one. I've scoured these fourms from Amazon to ROG to Overclock and back, taken this thing to a small shop, geeksquad, ran memtest, tried 3 OSes, watched temps, dusted, and SENT IT IN TO BE REPAIRED. Yet nothing.

Rock solid. Heart touching. This is what they tell me. Turning off every 15 minutes ROCK SOLID stable. My heart, and my wallet are touched alright.

I'd appreciate if Josh or Raja or someone from Customer Support could help me out, heck even get the computer shipped to a depot that can acutually fix the darned thing.

P.S. Good thing this site has drafts. Took me 3 attempts to type this.