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G75vw not loading w8 booting to bios

Level 7
Hi well I received my g75 two days a go the first day everything seemed to be fine. But on the second day it started to freeze, once i turn it on it would just go into the bios and it wouldn't recognize the hard drive like if it wasn't installed. If it doesn't boot into the bios it says windows is scanning and repairing drive c, but it won't complete 100% and go into another automatic repair and just keeps repeating and repairing disk errors. Anybody had the same issues? or know why is doing that? Anyways I will just be returning it but still I would like to know. Thanks

Level 9
i think you would be send back asus service center or reseller, it is in warranty, i think it hdd damage.

Hi, thanks for the reply. yeah I'll be sending it back today. Unfortunately.