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G75VW laptop screen and hdd light off problem

Level 7
Howdy howdy guys.

I've got some serious trouble with my G75VW here. After closing it and moving it somewhere else, I opened it and the screen wouldn't turn on. My keyboard leds came on for a second, and my hdd/caps lock/etc. Lights did the same, then shut off. My laptop males the same little angry cat sound that its always made, I think that's the disc drive. Afterwards though all that's on is the led on the far left, I think just indicating power, and my battery light. My had light is normally on.
I've tried shutting it off and removing the battery and power source and holding the power button for about a minute. I've even tried taking out my hard drive and then turning it back on to see if the hard drive is the leading cause. Both have had the same effect. I'm really lost here.

Oh the only recent changes were the recent windows update and some really basic changes to my power saving settings, like turn off instead of sleep when it's closed.