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G75VW Keyboard backlight suddenly stopped working after removing HDMI cable

Level 7
I know this topic has been beaten to death by many users over the years, but I would still like some personal guidance on how to proceed. First I would like to give some background information.

I first bought my ASUS G75VW back on 2/28/2013 as a great computer that could help me game and also help me with software applications like solidworks and Matlab (experimental simulations). It worked fantastically and is still one of my "trusty devices" that I use daily.

However, about 1.5 years ago while gaming, I began to notice horrendous lag and I could tell that the fans were exuding very hot air. I installed GPU-Z and saved a log during gameplay where the temperature sensors were reading 90 degrees celsius and up. This was quite alarming and had probably been going on for upwards of a couple of months, not to mention the build-up of this large problem. I called into asus support and they suggested that I send the laptop in for repairs, only, I would need to pay for shipping and everything else since the product was out of warranty. Realizing that this might be the end of my faithful friend, I gathered up some surgical utensils (i.e. an anti-static mat, bracelet, small screwdriver, etc) and followed a youtube video to begin dissecting my laptop. I finally got down to the fan filters and they were clogged solid with hair and dust particles some .5" thick. (how any air could escape was beyond my comprehension). So I cleaned out both fans and blew out the dust from everywhere I could reach. I put everything back together and it was like my machine gained a second wind. Temperatures remained at a maximum of 60 degrees celsius (under intensive gameplay) and functioned much better gain.

Now let's fast forward another 1.25 years. I came into the habit of more constantly checking the temperature sensors (especially when the check fan filter notification popped up). At this time, I noticed that once again the temperatures were reaching into the upper 70s and low-mid 80 degrees celsius. So I thought to myself, its time to do another cleaning. I was right. There wasn't as much dust and crud as the first time, but there was still enough to moderately disrupt airflow so I cleaned out the fans and the vents again. Things began working perfectly again.

However, about 3-4 weeks after the second cleaning, I was watching youtube videos on my computer which I had hooked up to a TV via an HDMI cable. I finished for the night and unplugged the HDMI cable from my computer and the whole system froze. I had to hold down the power button in order to force shut down the computer. Then, when I turned the computer back on, I no longer received a blink from the keyboard during start up and the keyboard backlight does not turn on during normal operation (or at all for that matter).

I have tried many different proposed solutions such as updating the BIOS, reinstalling the ATK package and other things, but I have yet to solve this problem. It's definitely not imperative for my computer's functionality, but it gets annoying when I want to game later in the evening because I now need to leave the lights on at all times when using the computer.

One interesting idea I came across is that I may have somehow damaged the wires that supply power to my keyboard backlight. Unfortunately, I don't have a schematic of the wiring (I only know that there are 5 wires that need to be unplugged to remove the keyboard). I have already double-checked that all of them are properly plugged into their ports.

Question 1: Does anybody have schematics that identify what all the wires are used for?

Question 2: can replacement wires be purchased and replaced on the ASUS G75VW? (And where can one buy them?)

If anybody has any other ideas, I would be very appreciative.