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G75VW keeps randomly crashing :(

Level 7
I have a G75VW that's going on to about 3.5 years in age. Recently, it's been randomly shutting itself off. When I turn it back on, it tells me that my computer unexpectedly turned off and gives me the safe mode options and the regular boot option.

Things I've tried:
System restore
Monitoring heat (never goes above 60C)
Dusting out the insides

Edit: for some reason it consistently crashes when I start up a game of CS:GO-no matter what the display settings are. I can load into a game, but once it's done, my computer turns off. I used a data logger to monitor the temp when trying to play, but the temp never went about 60C.

It has also developed this problem where the NVIDIA graphics display driver crashes sometimes when I'm gaming (hearthstone, D3, WoW, sometimes League). I find that it (the graphics driver crashing) happens pretty reliably when I alt-tab too frequently.

Things I've tried:
Updating drivers
Reverting to previous versions
Adjusting settings ( Turning vsync off and setting the power management to max performance)

Any help would be very appreciated. I've done all the diagnostics that I know how do do comfortably. 😞

Thanks for your time!

Level 7
Hi, try to check the laptop temperature if it exceeds 95c while playing (Check it after 5 mins of playtime). If it does exceeds, then its overheat. Another thing, after it shut off, is the adapter still has a green light?

Hi! Thanks for the response!

First thing I tried was monitoring the heat. I got a data logger to keep track of the data throughout the day, and the temperature never went above 60C even when it crashed. The crashes happen sometimes even when the machine is idle, but I've never seen it crash when I'm not there. It always crashes when I'm using it.I haven't tried checking the adapter after the crash, so I'll look for that next time. What information will that tell me?

I'm still searching about that. I think we're in the same boat right now. My G60jx experience the same as yours. I thought it's just overheat was your problem.

But some say its the motherboard that causing it.

If it's the mobo, I feel like I might as well just get a new machine.

I think my next attempt at fixing my issue is just to reformat my computer and do everything from scratch. If that doesn't work, I'll probably just give up on this laptop.

Level 7
For me, I don't think reformat will fix it.

I reformatted my computer and installed everything on a clean slate. Still having the same issues. At this point, it looks like a hardware problem-probably the motherboard. I won't be sending the machine for RMA 'cause when I called ASUS, the estimate they gave me was $700, which is more than half of what I payed for the machine. I am disappointed that this laptop did not last longer.

That's almost a brand new computer. Buying a new one is a good idea. 🙂

Level 7
It's just same as my old G75, it auto turned itself off while I was playing game. So, I sent it back to Asus and they replaced a new motherboard (cost 100$). And now everything is fine.

Level 9
Have you ever pulled EP the Event Viewer after a crash. that might give you more insight into the problem? EVGA has a program called PrecisionX that reads a lot of info from your video card even though it is not EVGA branded, I used a while back. It might give you some onsite to what's happening with your graphics adapter.

FYI, seems a lot of folks have the 5-secomd crash with CSGO. That might be totally unrelated to the other "crashing"