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G75VW keeps randomly crashing :(

Level 7
I have a G75VW that's going on to about 3.5 years in age. Recently, it's been randomly shutting itself off. When I turn it back on, it tells me that my computer unexpectedly turned off and gives me the safe mode options and the regular boot option.

Things I've tried:
System restore
Monitoring heat (never goes above 60C)
Dusting out the insides

Edit: for some reason it consistently crashes when I start up a game of CS:GO-no matter what the display settings are. I can load into a game, but once it's done, my computer turns off. I used a data logger to monitor the temp when trying to play, but the temp never went about 60C.

It has also developed this problem where the NVIDIA graphics display driver crashes sometimes when I'm gaming (hearthstone, D3, WoW, sometimes League). I find that it (the graphics driver crashing) happens pretty reliably when I alt-tab too frequently.

Things I've tried:
Updating drivers
Reverting to previous versions
Adjusting settings ( Turning vsync off and setting the power management to max performance)

Any help would be very appreciated. I've done all the diagnostics that I know how do do comfortably. 😞

Thanks for your time!

Level 7
Hi! Thanks for the post!

Event Viewer just says that the system expectantly shut down. (Event 41, Task Category (63)). This could have happened due to a number of things. I reformatted in an effort to see if it was a software failure, and the problem happened regardless. This leads me to believe that it's a hardware failure. I replaced the RAM and swapped out the hard drives. The problem still persisted.
I think the issue is the mother board or something equally inaccessible/expensive. 😞