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G75vw HDMI port not working? (No, havn't found any other threads like this) :)

Level 7
After i'v been googling back and forth for the past few weeks without finding myself an answer i decided it was worth making a thread for. Ok so im trying to connect my pc to my TV (tried a normal computer screen aswell without sucess) with a HDMI cable.

I'm using a ASUS G75vw, my TV is a samsung 7005, the HDMI cable im using i am not sure which version it is, BUT, it is working perfectly fine while connecting my PS3 to my TV (guessing i can rule out the cable is broken?)

When i connect my PC to my TV my pc doesnt even seem to react, no sound, no pop up, nothing. I'v tried connecting the cables while the computer and tv are both on, both off, tv on comp off and tv off and comp on. No changes. I'v also looked at Nvidia control panel but the only monitor i get is "laptop display". The computer seem to act like no hdmi cable is connected, so my first thought was that my HDMI-output is broken, untill while i tried to fiddle with it abit today aswell. My Samsung 7005 TV works in the way that i can't actually use the HDMI source (using hdmi 4 on the TV) if nothing is connected, i cant even choose it, but when my computer is connected i can atleast choose the TV-source. Does that mean that my computer is atleast sending some sort of signal that there is a connection between the 2 ?

Im using windows 7, my graphic driver is the newest from Nvidias website. I'v also tried the one from ASUS website (guessing the one that came with the computer in the beginning?)

My HDMI port has worked perfectly few months ago. It was with a different TV though, and i have reinstalled my computer (think it was at that time my hdmi-port stopped working)

What can i do to fix this?