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G75VW GTX660M and 4K, displayport version!?...

Level 7

I really want to use 4K screen on my G75VW GTX660M 2GB...
I use my G75 to graphic/astronomic pixels resolving calculation... so as powerful portable workstation (full upgraded... at least, thermal dissipation power is so good that it can hold calculation full charge 4/8 core at 3.8Ghz! for hours!) 😄

Don't talk to me about games and 4k... because this laptop had never see one 3D games! :rolleyes:

Currently, I use an good external full HD calibrated monitor.., but want to use an Asus PB287Q ultra HD monitor

I seen somewhere in 4K that the compatibility limitation is the videocard... cable, plug or monitor
and... worst to have 60Hz and full colours... (some computer has native 30hz but has a tweak to have 60hz...)
I checked on Nvidia website and say that GTX660M support 3080x2160, I guess it's ok... (I don't know about Hz and colours?)
''Maximum Digital Resolution : 3840 x 2160''
amazing that the 670M is not supposed to be able of 4k... and also not PCIE 3.0?

I also read at notebookcheck:
''The improved feature set now includes support for up to 4 active displays. Furthermore, high resolution monitors of up to 3840x2160 pixels can now be connected using DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4a if available.''

SO! what is the displayport version on this computer? it is NOT written anywhere what version is?! mine has the thunderbolt logo? good or not? ( some say HDMI don't work so it's 1.3!?)
too much simple to write the version!... :confused:

I still think about the GTX660m specification, it supposed to work?

It's sad to buy the screen and have to return it...?
(tomorrow, I will try to plug in at dealer, but it were near Christmas/time... they probably don't have the cable and screen, they are still in FullHD era on computer on floor)

Level 7
So, VERY complicated, but I have some ''good'' result

The G75VW with GTX 660M have an HDMI 1.4 output 100% sure!
(and maybe it's 1.4a, because of lower resolution 3d support... but not tested)
I used the supplied hdmi cable

The sad things: HDMI 1.4 output 4K at maximum 30 Hz and seem to have strange colour (lower colour bit?... it's an TN screen...?) I don't know and 4k video is painful for the system, probably because it don't support native codec for uncoding 4K... even youtube video are hard for system)
(and I tried 4k video from my note 3 phone)
Furthermore, I have issue in win7 and 150% DPI upscaling, wiget on desktop are messy/destroyed and the toolbar don't hide anymore?@! (at least 100%-125% work fine as usual)
(it's major desktop toolbar/windows problem... like corrupted video memory? but work without crash at all, no problem there... drivers maybe?)

Otherwise it's SOOOOO SHARP! 4k is really... jaw breaking! I tried on low on resources 3d stellarium software (seem to have 3d still working smooth at those resolution... despite of the good FPS, still 30Hz limited...)

For the displayport, I didn't tested it... it's an minidisplay port, and/or the adapter or cable are rare!!! or costly! (especially in my area! at least 1 week for shipping)

Then I took the screen back to seller, and bought an Acer B326hul QHD (1440) 32 inch display, at least I can run it at full 100%... (no dpi upscale anymore...) I want simplicity... but still need an mini displayport 1.2 cable...!

LeCarl wrote:
bought an Acer B326hul QHD (1440) 32 inch display... but still need an mini displayport 1.2 cable...!

In fact, no... I'm surprised that it works fine with the HDMI/HDMI 2550x1440 60Hz (native) (with monitor drivers)

I used the monitor original HDMI cable and I tried my 5$ Chinese HDMI 1.4 10 feet nylon covered cable and works fine too!