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G75VW Graphic Card Upgrade Project

Level 7
Hello Everyone!!!

Well for my purpose i need to change my graphic card on my G75VW Laptop, but i need a little help before screw up hahaha.

Well the idea is the next:

First of all change the original graphic card the Nvidia 670M to Nvidia Quadro K5000M like this one :

I want to know if there is a problem with the mxm port, obviously the heat sink will not fit into the laptop , the idea is to make a heat sink combined, from these:

and this

in my country there is a lot of craftsman who can made this in less of 10 bucks and they said me they can do all the heat sink new in cooper for less 200 bucks (obviously its handmade).

So what do you think about this, also i wont started yet because im getting the money to do it.

P.D Sorry for my awful English.

Level 9
Imo Quadro will not feet because the shape of your graphic card is different but you can check it and let us know!
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