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G75VW-DS72 =A Major Mistake

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Hi everybody, before we begin let me say something. I bought this laptop in back in March 2012 from Newegg for $2200. This was my first non-monitor purchase from Asus. Believe me, I'm never making this mistake again.

The Good:

Case Design, both in looks and sturdiness.

Cooling, one of the best cooled laptops ever built.

Speed, very fast with anything that doesn't require heavy graphics.

The Bad:

Sound Quality, by far the worst thing on this laptop, 300 dollar junk-tops speakers sound better, plus all the audio bugs are absolutely terrible. For what we are paying, this is unacceptable.

Video Card, I am not saying it's slow in any regard, I know it's a laptop, but the fact is 4 months after release of the 670m, the 675m was released, which is 50% better. With no MXM slot (to change the video card) while laptops in the similar (for what I paid) price-range has equipped. Plus the card seems buggy and has bad drivers. It has all kind of instabilities ruining games. The predecessor was cheaper and faster. This chip was a sellout, it's Nvidea's fault, but it's still in my laptop

The Screen, the coating on this laptop's screen is baldly done. It's far grainy then it should be, especially from the manufacturer who are know for good monitors, in fact I have a an Asus VW246H (24 inch LCD, Matt, 2ms, made in 06) monitor that I compared it too, it was far less grainy.

Bloatware, There is so much useless crap pre-loaded on this computer, I thought Asus was bought by Dell or something. Most of it, Windows 7 already has covered, and the stuff that it doesn't, either doesn't work or there is no need. I thought Asus would know better.

Battery Life, It's not good, but I forgive this one.

But all this is just icing to the real cake of a problem.

The Product Warranty Support

My unit, unfortunately, has a defective. Its screen is flickering like those old CTR's monitors whenever I turned down the light levels. Not really a big deal, so I tried to ignore it. Well my patience only lasted a week. I paid for a product free of defect, so I was going to get that. At first i thought i should of just returned it for a replacement, well Newegg was back-ordered and they suggested I send it in for a manufactures warranty. Tech support was very nice and said it would be back in around 2 weeks, 3 tops. So I sent it in.

It was gone for a month and a half

I didn't get in back until mid July. They had lost it at their service center after 1 week. So I was trying to keep my cool, but guess what? They didn't even fix it. I was very mad, and I called them again. I asked a manger they said no problem and if they couldn't fix it they would replace it.

4 months later

Still not fixed, sent it in 3 more times, they never could track it. After the 2rd time receiving it back, the keyboard Back-lighting was broken, and power supply wire had split. After the 3rd time receiving it back, the Hard Drive FAILED when I turned it on. The 4th time receiving it back, they had fixed everything except the actual problem that their bird brained techs didn't break. The screen still was flickering.

Stonewalled by management

That promise of replacement was a lie. Whenever I called I was quickly getting routed through their call centers get the customers to give up service. All they told me was no, and send it in again. I have paid -out of pocket- over 200 dollars of packing fees (which they don't pay for), and they refused to even cover that cost when they wanted me to ship it in again. They ruin my computer, and I pay for it. Asus 360, they really run you in circles. It was now October, and I maybe used the computer for 3 weeks since march.

I'm so glad i paid with a credit card.

I started a charge-back dispute with my bank (you can do that by the way if it's within a year). And now it's midway through December, I HAVE WON. I got every penny back, and rightly so. I used to like Asus, but after this, never again.

To anybody whom are receiving the same treatment: if you paid with a credit card, try doing the same. You just need Paper evidence (mine was a sheet Asus had sent me, that said how many attempted repairs have been done). Record your conversations and don't accept their mistreatment. I wish you luck and I feel your pain.

If their service center had fixed it the first time, I would have been happy (even after waiting so long). But the incredible amount of lies and disrespect I have received over the months is unforgettable. Their service center's incompetence and refusal to ever call. Plus all the computers problems I have already gone over.

Overall, never buy Asus computers, their not worth the potential problems. 😞

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Well, I do feel bad for Newegg getting screwed by ASUS in this transaction. It's just the text medium that prevents you from seeing me cryin'....

I'm sure ASUS will take better care of Newegg than @Skillet.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

1) Why would you buy the most expensive G75, the ROG Laptops are meant to be cost efficient for power. If you are going to spend 2k+ on a laptop, go with MSi or SAGER.

2) Did you even compare specs? I mean seriously, 6 months ago i knew about the other cards coming out, IT'S CALLED RESEARCH.

3) Sound quality on this laptop is actually pretty good, just download the latest VIA driver and the subwoofer delivers the sound you want to hear.

4) ONLINE RETAILERS ARE THE SOURCE OF MAJORITY OF THE BROKEN LAPTOPS, also, don't go to some backwater store in your town like "Ernies electronics" to buy your expensive laptop. GO TO A BIG COORPERATION.

5) YET AGAIN, WHY $2300 ON A G75!

If you have 2k+ to spend, get this beast

Otherwise, if you aren't willing to shell out that kind of money, get a $1500 ASUS Laptop. I got mine for $1250 and it performs perfectly.
ASUS G75VW-BBK5 - 750GB + 8GB Hybrid Solid State/7200 RPM, 1TB 5400 Storage Hard Drive, i7 3610QM, GTX 660M and proud, 8GB 1600MHz RAM, runs quiet as a mouse, cool as an icebox, and three times the computer my Roomate's Macbook Pro is for $50 less.

I am now ashamed to have recommended Asus to my friends. I felt like they treated me poorly over my tech request this week. Overall it was a very insulting experience. The problem is I love ASUS products and this wont stop be from buying. I am still sore over the treatment. Glad you got your money back. I always charge online purchases for the same reason the ability to have RECOURSE is invaluable.

Level 14
What is the location of the Bizcom repair center that did the work?
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Want to share my experience as well... I had purchase before ASUS VX7SX (lamborgini edition)from our local retailer... After a month or so of nomal usage the machine suddenly stops working and can't be open anymore. So I return the unit to my retailer for them to fix it... They found out that it was the video card broke down and they need to ship it to their supplier to replace/fix it... After 4 weeks of waiting they announce it as scrap already... So they ask me to replace it with another brandnew laptop and that is why I come up with ASUS G75V... I just add some more bucks... Good thing I have a local retailer that catered my agony... It's been months that I have been using my ROG... So far so good... Just sharing...

Milpitas, California. Isn't that one supposed to be the good one?

Well you can add mine, I sent mine in to CA, for a defective right side speaker. Turn around was great shipped on Friday got it back on Thursday nothing was damaged and nothing was fixed I still don't have a right side speaker. I have Mason to thank for that he got it through for me. I won't send it back unless something really bad happens. This did make me wonder if I made the right choice going with another Asus. That was back in July I'm still good use external speakers or head set when I need good sound. Still I'll really be paying attention around 2.5 years from now when I'll be looking at my next notebook. I certainly hope Asus gets it together by then. Then again the real problems we see here are a small minority of all the units they are selling.
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@Clint - I found your case interesting. I've seen it mentioned that only a very small percentage of RMA's fail to be satisfactorily resolved and that unhappy customers are the ones that come to the forum and skew results to the negative side.

In your case, you came to the forum to report your right side speaker was not working. When it was determined to be a hardware issue, you RMA'd your laptop to the Milpitas repair facility. You also enlisted the aid of Mason@ASUS to help with your RMA. You had the best possible chance of a successful outcome:

1) The problem was simple to diagnose. The speaker didn't fail randomly, it was dead.

2) You had the full power of ASUS behind you with Mason (who helped so many before you) looking after your case.

3) The odds of an unsatisfactory result was extremely small (as reported by some In this forum) . The odds of failure being something like 1 out of 100,000, or 1 out of 10,000.. certainly not more than 1 out of 100.

Yet when the laptop was returned to you, the problem was not resolved. The easiest possible problem with the most possible assistance behind you, and still an outright failure. This leads me to believe there is more of a problem with ASUS RMA handling than anyone is willing to admit.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

I honestly think the problem lies with the fact that Bizcom is just a contractor and not a directly part of Asus. Communication and service issues always happen when you subsidize work to somebody else. They don't care about your companies image because their not a part of it. From what I can tell Bizcom only cares about meeting the minimum requirements of that contract and doesn't give a #$%^ about anything else.