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G75VW display brightness issue :(

Level 7
Hey all,

I'm using a G75VW (2012 model), with Win7 Ultimate.

The laptop is awesome. But there's an issue that I've been living with (off and on) for the past few years. And today I thought i would research a bit and try to fix it (because it's very annoying).

Every so often, when i wake up the computer, the screen brightness is way too low. I have to bring it up manually (with Fn + F6). It's not a big deal, but on a day to day basis, this gets very tiring.

My settings seem ok and that's why I dont understand this behavior. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Here's a few screenshots:

Level 7
I can see from searching on Google, there's a lot of people with similar issues, even using other brands (HP, Lenovo).

Just to make it clear about the way I use my laptop:

When i'm moving away from it, I press the power button and it instantly goes to sleep (screenshot of "Power button" settings - ).

When i come back, i turn it on, and that's when the screen brightness is dimmed 😞

TLDR: When pressing power button, computer goes to sleep (with full brightness), awakes with screen dimmed.

If I close the lid, the computer goes to sleep, and when i open the lid again, it turns back on with the Screen brightness as it was! It does not get dimmed this way. It works as it should.