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G75VW Clean install with new SSD

Level 7
I have a G75VW notebook and I have installed a new Western Digital Blue SSD. I initialized the partition tables to GPT using gparted-live on a USB stick. I went through the restoration process with the 3 recovery disc that I had created. Everything seemed to go okay but windows will not load. I have checked the BIOS boot tab and the Boot Configuration is Launch PXE OpROM [Enabled] and the only Boot Option Priorities listed are [P2: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM] and [Atheros Boot Agent].

During the recovery process it did create 4 partitions:

Partition Name File Sys / Label Size Flags

/dev/sda1 EFI system partition fat32 200 MiB boot, esp
/dev/sda2 Microsoft reserved partition unknown 128 MiB msftdata
/dev/sda3 Basic data partition ntfs OS 454 MiB msftdata
unallocated 452 MiB -
/dev/sda4 Basic data partition ntfs Recovery 25 MiB diag

To check if it was a hardware issue, I installed Linux into the unallocated part of the SSD drive and it shows up in the Boot Option Priorities and boots up no problem.

From looking on the internet it seems like a MBR issue but I don't know how to fix it.

Any body have any ideas how to get it to boot?

Thanks for any help.

Level 14
No its not MBR, from you picture it show the partitions for UEFI which is correct for G75. I think you can use Easy BCD to edit your boot sector and solve your problem of not booting into windows.
Try this iink for the explanation on how to fix your UEFI BCD
This tool is helpful for setting up your BDC
If this repair fails you'll need to Clean Install from MCT install media
You'll be on your own for drivers that are compatible with your G75.
If your current hard drive/SSD is still working your best bet would be to clone it to your new ssd.
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