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G75VW BOTH internal HDD bays failing?

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A few months ago, I noticed one of my internal hard drives would randomly disappear. I have a Corsair Force 3 128g SSD, and the stock Seagate 1tb 5400rpm drive used for storage. It was the storage drive that would disappear, so I swapped the drives in the internal bays. This caused windows to randomly crash, and give me boot failures, having to constantly go into BIOS and manually re-set the Force 3 as the primary boot option (when it saw it).

I swapped the hard drives back to their original bays, and tried a different hard drive in the bay that appeared to be failing, and it as well would randomly "not see" the drive. I contacted ASUS support about this, however they were less than helpful (besides the fact that I purchased the laptop literally 1 year ago, and am now out of the warranty period).

I finally gave up on trying to find a solution, and just didn't use the problem HDD bay at all. Unfortunately today I went to turn my laptop on, and it threw me a "no bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key" error. BIOS didn't see the HDD, so I swapped it into the other HDD bay, and it booted...sort of. It gave me the same "no bootable device" error later, and the only work around I found was rebooting and entering BIOS, rebooting and entering BIOS, rebooting and entering BIOS until it "sees" the drive again. Then it boots fine.

I connected all the drives to my desktop to see if they are the culprit, and they have not shown any sign of instability. It seems very unlucky to have BOTH hard drive bays malfunctioning or failing, which is why I'm curious if anyone has any ideas. I'm pretty savvy with computers, but this has me baffled. Any ideas to try before taking things further with ASUS, or trying to have it repaired?

Please let me know if you need any additional information, thanks for any help you can provide. It'd be a shame to have a $1300 doorstop, I love this laptop so much!


Level 12
I would guess your CMOS battery is prematurely losing its charge. Did you notice if the time was correct in the BIOS during the "no bootable device" was, to the last time it did it when going into the BIOS to change boot order? A reflash of your current BIOS may solve the problem or possibly updating it. It's too strange for both bays to be failing like that but I guess anything is possible.

Also good job on troubleshooting the drives to confirm them working.

Level 7
I know this post was made 2 years ago but i am having a similar problem with my G75vx and i want to know if you found out what the problem was and if you got it resolved without having to replace the laptop.

I've have even tried updating the BIOS nothing happened. with mine it would give the same error ever so often or a "disk error please press crtl + alt and delete to restart" . its annoying and i am wonder if it is a problem with the Sata ports or the motherboard.

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How do you reflash or downgrade the bios? I thought trying to flash to same bios would not work.

Hi. I have nearly the same problem with the HDD bays. My SSD Hdd had no problems, doesnt matter in which slot it is. all normal HDDs i tried (5400 and 7200 rpm) disapier from time to time, in both slots.
its very strang. sometimes it works perfekt for weeks, sometimes the normal hdd disapiers every 2 mins. its no problem with the HDDs it self. i test them with other PCs (also for longtime terms). could it be a temprature effect? in the winter month its alwas more stable then in the summer.

Hello everyone,

I know this is an older thread, but I am having a similar issue with my G75VW-TH1. I am running Windows 10 now. My secondary HDD (WD 1TB Black - 7200RPM) randomly disappears. The only thing that sometimes works to get it back is to shut down the computer, remove the battery, open the cover, take out the errant HDD, put it back in, then put it all back together and reboot as normal. That was usually working fairly well. When the drive is working, it is listed as a healthy drive under Disk Management, and no errors after running Check Disk. That was with BIOS version 221. I updated the BIOS today to version 223, and the problem persists. This also happened with another HDD in the same bay, so I know it isn't the HDD that is the problem.

At one point, I suspected, like another person who replied to this thread, that the CMOS battery may be dying prematurely. Did anyone follow up on this lead? If so, what is the procedure for replacing this battery? This whole situation is infuriating.

Could it also be a driver issue on the part of the WD HDD? When the drive does appear, and I am able to see it in Device Manager, the driver is a Microsoft one from 2006. Should I try to find a newer one from WD?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide.

Could be a windows 10 issue also, you might disconnect from the internet. Reinstall the chipset drivers IRST drivers and IME drives Windows 10 will keep on updating your drivers to Win 10 Native drivers real pain in the butt.

Windows 8.1 will run great on the G75VW
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Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
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Windows 10 Pro

I appreciate the feedback, but I would hate to have to go back to Win 8.1. I am a big fan of Win 10 and had it installed long before these issues started happening. I am not convinced that Win 10 is the issue, but of course I can't rule it out either.

Reverting back to 8.1 would be more cumbersome than I am willing to tolerate. Again, thank you.

Level 10
Mother board about to fail. Probably?