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G75VW Black Screen, Everything else seems to work.

Level 7
So recently I turned on my G75 to the surprise of a black screen. So I plugged in an external monitor, which had no success. What is weird is that the fans spin up, the keyboard blacklight turns on and I can even log in (can tell from the sounds that play). However after about a week I still only have a black screen. I've tried multiple external monitors, taking out the battery etc. but with no success. It has happened in the past but seemed to have fixed itself and only lasted about an hour (presumably it was from me traveling long distance in cold weather). Kind of clueless as to what to do now. Is the gfx card pooched? If so, is it possible/viable to replace it? Thanks for any responses, appreciate it.

Level 7
No replies yet, so I'll give an update that is VERY strange.

For the past month and a half the laptop has not been working, i have been attempting to power it up about every 3-4 days to no success. However after about a week, I turned it on today, and it works fine. It is currently running a little slow for some reason but I am scanning and cleaning it out as we speak. I cannot come to any conclusion other than possibly a connection being lose and being reconnected through the jostling the laptop has experienced. Any thoughts on how to prevent whatever happened? Or any ideas as to what it was? Thanks.