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G75VW-BBK5- obsolete, unsupported, Still works! Would like to find workable drivers.

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Please read the whole post before commenting.
I have an old cruddy Asus gaming laptop that works pretty good. I know its 11 years old, but I would like to keep using it and was wondering if there is a way to get updated drivers that will work better with windows 10.

I have seen older posts concerning this subject, But a lot of the links are no longer functional and point to dead drop box accounts.
Why?? Because I'm cheap, and it doesn't make sense to buy a new laptop when this one is still pretty quick and reliable.
Here's a few issues with my Asus:
- The sound - This laptop has a "Sub woofer" speaker. It does not work.
- The keyboard doesn't light up
- I have 2 dead usb ports
- The wireless adapter is slow (currently using a TP-Link usb network adapter - Problem solved)
Otherwise, this laptop is responsive and still very fast.

I'm also concerned that windows 11 will roll out soon and that this laptop may no longer be compatible as according to my system information, secure boot is disabled.

So the question is, Do I keep this (which doesn't make any sense to me) or empty my piggy bank and get a new laptop?

I don't think anyone should be making hardware decisions based on Windows 11 at this point. Windows 10 is going to be supported for years yet. I would wait for people to actually start upgrading and see where that leaves you.

Have you tried installing the windows 8 drivers from the support page? Sometimes Windows 10 will accept those. Your keyboard lights should be the ATK software which is on the support page and you have to expand the software section. The subwoofer probably needs the g75 specific audio driver so I'd try that. The good news is audio doesn't really need super recent drivers as long as things work.
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