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G75VW Audio Problem - Internal Speakers and Headphones

Level 7
I can't find anything specific to my actual problem in my several hours of searching and testing.

I just got a G75VW laptop working and installed WIndows 7 Pro on it. It wasn't mine originally so I've never actually seen it work correctly. I Install the drivers like normal and start using it. This was my original problem that was recently solved to get me to a working laptop.

I hadn't done much listening to sound on it for the initial OS setup. I did have to fix the cable from the motherboard to the speakers as my cat found it but it's just a simple 4 wire cable that I had to solder 2 wires back together. When I played some music it sounded absolutely terrible. Not a terrible because they are laptop speakers...I mean cheap speakers that sounded terrible to begin with that are now blown... It did this no matter the audio source (iTunes, YouTube, VLC playing a movie). Subwoofer would work all the time. If I had the volume up too high the other speakers would cut out at too high a volume on the music. So I assumed the speakers needed replacement. But I plugged in my headphones to test. The headphones were slightly better in that they didn't cut out at higher volumes, but they would distort at the slightest amount of bass. These headphones are pretty nice and sound great when connected to anything but this laptop.

I started doing some searching and found some problems related to speakers and sound and followed several suggestions of different driver types and updated the BIOS to the most recent version on the website (223). None of this helped. It still sounds like crap no matter what settings I set in the VIA control panel or what driver I put on. What's the deal? Is this a known issue or is it specific to my hardware? Is it just that it's not supported on WIndows 7? I really have zero desire to go to the failure of an OS that Windows 8 is.

The current driver version I'm on and the one that has been rated most successful from what I have read is I have tried about 4 other versions I could find and they either made it worse or no better.

At this point, when playing through headphones it sounds 'okay' as long as there's no bass. Throw in some sort of bass while watching a movie and it gets all kinds of distorted. If it was just the speakers that were doing this that would be one thing...but the external headphones are producing terrible sound as well? My ASUS A53Z laptop which cost about $400 new has better internal speaker sound and the headphone sound can't get much better for my ears. So why is a gaming laptop that cost well over $1k new having audio problems?

ASUS used to be my favorite brand, but I sure am losing faith in them with all the problems I've seen just on this laptop and the little problems I've had on other products of theirs I've owned over the years...

Level 10
I also had horrible audio on my G55VW and the V6.0.10.1200 driver fixed the worst issues. However, the sound quality still isn't great.
You can try the V6.0.10.1200 and see if it helps:

I decided to buy the ASUS Xonar U3 to get better audio, and I'm glad I did. A USB sound card might be the only solution for you since the G55VW and G75VW audio never will be better than "okay". I tried the SRS Audio Essentials software once which made the sound experience much better, however, I decided to go with the Xonar U3 instead.

Level 7
That driver didn't fix the issue. I figured out one of my speakers is crackling/buzzing while the other one is ok so replacing the speakers will fix that issue and that is not related to the driver. However the speakers still cut out at higher volumes. Kind of like those electronic headsets you wear when shootings guns. It will play audio fine until the audio hits a higher volume for a second and it shuts off the sound from both speakers but the sub still plays audio. If I can figure out how to keep it from doing that while having the volume at a listenable level I can replace the speakers and live with the quality and get a USB sound card for the headphones. But the cutting out audio is really annoying... The audio doesn't cut out at the headphones but is still sounds distorted.

Sure would be nice if the sound card was replaceable like on desktops.

Level 7
The best solution I have come up with on this is to cut the wires on the speaker cable for the left speaker. Then I get pretty dang good sound out of the "subwoofer" and right speaker. Then I bought a XonarU3 for the headphones because the headphone jack still produces garbage sound.

I tried drivers galore and nothing helped. So I'm back on now. I picked up a set of speakers off ebay because I figured the left speaker was going out. Got the speakers and it's still doing the exact same thing. So I decided to replace the speaker wire because the left speaker wires were the ones I had to fix. With a perfect speaker wire and both sets of speakers it did the exact same thing... The left speaker was crackling and just sounding bad (as if it was blown) and he right speaker sounded good. But both speakers would cut out at a higher volume or when a louder sound came through the speakers. So I got the old speaker wire and cut the wires for the left speaker and the right speaker stopped cutting out and sounds great. If this isn't something a lot of people are complaining about then it must be a defect with my particular motherboard. But I guess this is my best option now to just run it with one speaker and the subwoofer. I was almost done with the speakers and was just ready to unplug them because the cutting out was just terrible and run with jut the subwoofer because it still puts out music on it's own. Then I just decided to try the one speaker.

With all the issues I've had trying to get this thing working I'm hopeing this is the last of the problems... I still haven't sold my old laptop because I wasn't sure if the speaker thing would ever get fixed.