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G75vw & nvidia gtx 680m?

Level 7
Anyone know if or when the G5 line might come with NVIDIA's new GTX 680M card?

Level 8
jtesq wrote:
Anyone know if or when the G5 line might come with NVIDIA's new GTX 680M card?

Kudos! I was waiting to see who had the courage to ask first 😄 I still hope they launch before I order mine. Also I read somewhere, that unlike the 670, the architecture will be Kepler like the 660 and from what I read here, people are really happy with it in terms of energy and temperature. Fingers crossed 😄
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I've read somewere that asus isn t going to lanch it for now ( maybe autumn 2012 )

but you know guys , it s a hardware , so u w8 until 780 is out , and they ll say 785 is going to be done 2 months later , and you will wait and and and.

A high end 2010 graphic card can run most games in very high , you can barely see any difference betwin VH and ultra ... and bad optimised games ( Metro , GTA 4 ... ) aren't going to run ultra on 1920p unless you buy a 3800 € clevo . I wont pay more just because some developpers dont do their work correctly

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the 680 is a HUGE card, youd be more likely to fit it in a g74 rather than a g75, but well see
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Thx for input everyone. I guess why i am interested in the gtx 680m card is that it uses the kepler architecture which from what i've read provides a better battery life while not sacrficing performance. I believe the older 660m is kepler as well but if that's the case, i might as well wait until the fall to try to snag a G5 with a 680m card.

It would be great if they make the 680 card as an add in after market piece I can buy. I would replace my 660 in this G75 if they do.
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Level 7
the 680m is a massive powerful card with 1344 cuda cores, compared to the 660m which only has 384 cuda cores

Level 11
jtesq wrote:
Anyone know if or when the G5 line might come with NVIDIA's new GTX 680M card?

Probably be a while before they launch as an option ... but eventually ... sure ... the G5 and G7 series are asus top line laptops and they will battle it out ... eventually.

The G75 will be upgradeable to the 680m "sorta" and some 3rd party asus resellers will offer upgrade paths ( expensive ). Going to take some hacking and machining of the 680 cooling system to retrofit in ... but some people will figure out how to do it.

Level 15
I'll never say never because I don't make these decisions, but it's not on the official roadmap currently sorry.

I think there would be a market for an upgradable 680 card for G75 owners. I know I would gladly plunk down some cash for one.

I am willing to bet that I am not the only on here if there was an option to do so.
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