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G75V, wanting to upgrade, advice needed!

Level 7
Hey guys,
this is my first post so I hope I have put it in the correct thread.
Anyways, I own a G75V ROG that I bought about 3-4 yrs ago. I want to upgrade it, but I have no idea if it is worth doing or not.

My thought process is, do I upgrade this laptop and get a couple more years out of it, then get a desktop. Or do I just leave it as it is and hope it doesnt die. The reason is I can't afford a new one right now because i'm building a house the start of next year.
If anyone could help me with a list of parts that are compatible or even just some insight into whether or not it is possible, please let me know and thanks in advance!

Level 9
I have a G75VW that I use every day. When I first bought it I did some upgrades and then at the end of the warranty I did another.

First, my favorite OS has been Windows 8.1 but I am currently running Windows 10.

As far as upgrades, first I upgraded the BIOS for compatibility with W8.1, mine came with W7 and a $12 upgrade coupon.

The first upgrade I did was shrink the hard drive and copy it to an SSD drive. Next, I added 8 GB of RAM. Because ASUS did a total fail on the WiFi card (not to mention the low-res front facing cam), I put in an Intel Advanced-N 6235. That upgrade in not for anyone without serious technical abilities! Finally, after my DVD drive died, I put in a Blu-Ray burner.

It is still a good quality laptop even today, despite the POS audio on this unit. I dock mine with a Logitech keyboard and mouse, separate monitor, and Turtle Beach headset PX22.

Level 7
Can you give any more details on your model? I'm on the G75VW with the GTX 660m 2gb. I've had it since December 2012 and it hasn't let me down once... I just now upgraded to 12gb of ram from 8, which should be overkill for the foreseeable future, I turned off my page file and am ready for memory alarms.

About two weeks ago now I went through the harrowing experience of re-applying thermal paste, which I would suggest to most of you that haven't done it, I needed thermal paste immediately, it was an emergency and I just did it on a hunch. The copper heat-sink was bleached from there being no thermal paste left and what was there was rubber.

While it runs most games to satisfaction at 1080p with adjustments(60+fps), I picked up an external 720p screen for the additional fps increase.

With the 720p screen I've been able to run the Witcher 3 and Dying Light at 30+ fps, which are state of the art and ask for much more powerful cards, and full atx cards not mobile cards.

30fps is acceptable with motion blur on.

So anyway, if you have my model it's full capable of playing most games. It's MXM but unfortunately there are no better card models, this is the only time I've been upset, there are other mxm asus models that have a wide range of mxm cards available. It comes with the 3630qm cpu which doesn't even really need to be upgraded.

Turn off Hyper-Threading/Virtualization in the Bios and disable Hyper-V services in windows 10 for sweet fps.

I'm looking forward to running Doom 4 on this.


Oh, and overclocking, the 660m gpu can succesful be overclocked to 1200mhz gpu core 2500mhz memory clock,but the drivers and voltage are the problem right now, people are working on it... You can head of the the overclocking forum and to learn more about overclocking and eGPU's.

I got the 1200mhz gpu 2500mhz mem overclock working, the performance increase is ridiculous but games crash within 10 minutes, I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue, not voltage, I haven't looked up custom drivers yet, nor do I really need the overclock, just for fun, really.

You can also get an eGPU, but the port needed is internal and connecting your wifi adapter. You can google more about eGPU's and overlclocking.

ASUS is working on an eGPU rig, but it's thunderbolt 3.0 and may not be compatible at all with older models, even with adapters. 😕

Ohhh... Unpark your core's too., and enable your cores in msconfig

BB should be unlocked and overclocked. It's all monopoly and corporate shyster bs.

o7 o7 o7