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G75V significantly slower.

Level 7

I've had my ASUS G75V since mid-august which I had primarily purchased for gaming. Up until a few weeks ago, the computer was working up to expectations and I was very much satisfied with my purchase. The quality of the laptops performance dropped dramatically for no apparent reason. Virus and spyware scans have come up clean, no new programs have been downloaded leading up to it's downfall and not much memory is taken up. The core temperature still shows up as normal.

The main issue is gaming performance. Before this issue it would run Guild Wars 2 at a smooth 70-150 FPS while at maxed settings. Currently it will run GW2 at 10-45 FPS while at the lowest settings possible. I have the same issues with other games. Internet browsing is also slower yet video steaming and download speed hasn't changed.

Are there any similar experiences with this series of laptops that anyone knows of or how I can go about beginning to resolve this issue?

Level 13
it's very likely that automatic background things (e.g. asus live update, windows updates) could be the causes of this. check the windows event logs for clues.

Level 14
Try using Windows System Restore to restore your system to a time before the performance problems occurred. You can be aggressive in your choice of Restore Point, since you can easily UNDO a System Restore.

If you regain the performance you once had, be very diligent concerning what Windows Updates, Antivirus updates, and automatic driver updates are installed to your system.
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Level 9
you can uninstall app what don't you need.

Level 10
No no Maybe you are running your laptop on Power4gearsaving

I had this 1 time when i was gaming i had really big laggs and i saw it was on power4gearsaving you need to put it on high performence.

So make sure ur battery is good pluged in and you are running on high performance, check maybe for updates if u have still these problems.

or maybe check for issues on your pc chkdsk ur pc
defrag ur HDD
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I toggled the Power4Gear and it actually did increase the performance. Though no it's still where near where it was.

Level 13
@TokoDude, good point 🙂 i was assuming the OP run on high performance while he gamed.

Level 7
when was the last time you cleaned it - actually??? might be overheating due to excessive dusting.... just a thought!!
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User_n wrote:
when was the last time you cleaned it - actually??? might be overheating due to excessive dusting.... just a thought!!

I actually haven't

Level 7
i have a similar problem but diferent since my performance varies sudendly, i can be playing at 60 fps in world of tanks then sudendly it drops to 10 or 5, then again 60 for some seconds then again drops and so on, i just notice this is when using only the battery i dont know if someone has the same issues, also i notice when out of the game(but the game still fntioniong, the screens like flashes, the slow down, normal again, flashes and slow down again and it only get to normal when connected to a power suply, it only happens when using battery only, i hope someone can help me, and also maybe someone else has the same problem, in my g75v takes ages to wake up from hybernation donno wtf is going on, and sometimes it doesnt ven wake up from hibernation at all, maybe this is a solved and knoe problem but since im already here better ask