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G752VY - Screen Washout & Ghost Images

Level 7
Just ran into a problem with my G752VY. I left the machine running briefly (as I often do), long enough for the screen to time out and auto shut off.

Unfortunately, when I came back, the image was... washed out is the only way I can describe it accurately (see pics below). I did the usual remedial steps - restart, update NVidia drivers, played around with settings, hooked up an external monitor, removed ASUS Splendid utility, etc. Nothing fixed the issue.

When running an external monitor, all looks well on that monitor but the colors are still washed out on the laptop. Moreover, I'm noticing ghost images from my desktop icons and browser window, even when restarting the computer (at the post screen, at the Windows startup screen and the login screen). Almost like the "burn in" from the glorious days of CRTs, though these ghost images have since disappeared 12+ hours later.

Given the nature of what I'm seeing, my gut tells me this is a hardware issue not a software/OS problem, but I could use some expert advice here. Did I lose a backlight (all the colors seem to be there, just not all bright and happy), or did I lost a color channel? The machine was simply sitting on a desk, so it didn't take a tumble or get knocked.

The machine is stock, save for a 1TB 960EVO M.2 SSD as primary drive and a 2TB Firecuda in the HDD bay.

Images snapped from my phone below, showing the laptop screen in front and the duplicated external monitor behind. The first is my login screen and makes the color difference very apparent (and you can see some of the ghosting). The second shows the ghosting duing the Windows startup screen (its not apparent from this snap, but the color on the laptop screen is still very wrong).

Any help is appreciated.


Status Under Review
Reinstall Windows.

Or at least boot from a CD like LINUX or go into Windows Installer to see if issue persists.

Darnassus wrote:
Reinstall Windows.

Or at least boot from a CD like LINUX or go into Windows Installer to see if issue persists.

Nice idea. Just booted into a live Linux and still no joy - same screen problems (though the ghost images have long since faded as I haven't actively used that laptop in a few days; I'm assuming that's just the nature of the LED screen??). Given the problem persists in two different OSs, plus on the BIOS/UEFI boot/post screens, does anyone have a good idea that doesn't involve me taking this beast apart?

Level 9
I had the same but with my LCD TV. It was a problem for about 2 mounts + all colors/intensity where not "vivid"... I was looking for a new TV.. but then it just fixed itself. Must be cold solder somewhere - at some circuit for proper refreshing of LCD panel.