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G752vy Random Freezes When Gaming - solved?

Level 7
Hi Guys
I have a problem with my G752vy.
I got totaly random freezes when i'm gaming.
But the biggest problem is, the freezes are totaly Random.
I only got them on 3 Games (CSGO, LoL and now Forza H3)
I have this Porblem since i got this Notebook, but i thought its a problem with my GTX980m, but the Problem continues, patch after patch.
The freezes only takes 1-2 second but they are anoying at online games.

I updated every driver (I got them from the Offizial Homepage, got Bios 213, and and and....)
I hope someone can help me.

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Level 7
The Temp is max 80°C and the Freezes start at 68°C

I had the same problem when my g752vy was new. These asus laptops are terrible, especially for the price. To fix it you have to -

uninstall rog game first
uninstall rog sonic suite
disable rog gaming center
update drivers for blah blah blah to make yourself feel better.

Worked for me, no more freezes/stuttering. There are still many issues with my laptop, but i can live with it. Definitely not going to buy anymore asus products in the future, this is the worst laptop/pc ive ever owned.

Thank you very much, that helped me out.

Hi guys,

I still having the same issue after I uninstall the gamefirst, sonic suite and disable the asus game center.

Any other solutions for this? My laptop is new. I always go to asus shop to check but they are not able to fix my problem.


I had the same issues of freezing at any time at random.

Uninstalled ROG game first and ROG sonic suite and just disabled the ROG gaming center service in system services and all was good.
Haven't had it freeze since doing this over a month ago.

Thanks for the info

Level 10
lol necro'ed thread. Just to add, another fix is to install games in the SSD. Some games lag if installed on the 5400rpm HDD (Why didnt they put in a 7200rpm instead??), transferring them to the SSD makes it silky smooth.