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G752VY problem, is it dead?

Level 7
Hi,* Im new on this forum, and I just steped on the problem goin on with my asus rog g752vy laptop.* I was happy with this laptop until now. I have this laptop for about half year, so I still have a warranty on him. *

Anyway the problem is: First there was some random bsods that could happen durring anything, but there was a long period time without any bsods so I thought: ok, maybe some system failures / driver compabilty so I updated OS and drivers.*It was ok for like month like I said. But then surprisingly I came home, pluged in laptop turned it on and then Bam! Bsod loop at the startup when the rog logo appears. couldnt get even into the desktop. I was tired so I leaved this problem until tomorrow. Woke up, pluged in laptop, turned it on, no problem what so ever. So I ran hdd test to check it. 4 hours, done everything is cool, no bad sectors. Turned computer off.
Then when I tried to turn it on I couldnt get it to desktop. It keeps bsod looping, at this point I cant do anything.

Tried even reinstalling the w10 os but the bsod still happen randomly during the installation process. Im a graphic designer myself, and I lost 3 hours of work on the design for company, cuz of bsod. I was mad as hell, at me cuz I didnt save the process during my work, and at my laptop...

So any of you guys know what is going on? Is it hardware problem? Any steps I can do without giving it to rma? thanks in advance for giving me any suggestions.

Regards! o/*

Btw. Here's what bsod says:
Your pc ran into a problem, we re just collecting some info, and then we'll restart it for you

What failed: wof.sys "

Level 7

Sorry to hear that you have such annoying problem with your laptop.

Honestly it reminds me of my first ROG G750JW that i first bought and exchanged 2 weeks after because having BSOD randomly , even reinstalling windows was not possible so luckily i seen that early so I could get another one for replacement.

The problem was not the HDD since we changed another HDD and noticed the same problem. I advise you to first test with another HDD to see if the problem is from there or not. But from my experience I think it comes from the mother board but it s just a hinch!

Test wit another HDD and if your problem persists I advise you RMA the laptop!

Level 14
There seems to be quite a bit of info on this BSOD on goggleAnother good source of determine BSOD issue can be found on the windows 10 Forums This by far the best forum on window 10 issues of all sorts.
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Level 10
Ive had my G752VY for also about 7 months now and so far the screen and keyboard were replaced. Along with a host of other problems, ive never had the bsod. I suggest an RMA since your laptop is still under warranty, the technicians there know what they are doing and spare parts arrive very quickly (At least for mine). Just be sure to remove any sensitive material and stored passwords on your browser when/if you send it in.