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G752VY Keyboard backlit not working after RMA

Level 7
So, after RMA 3 weeks ( from 12 January till today ), My G752VY is back with new motherboard. Only fixed freeze problem, and the slow start problem still there.

New problem, the keyboard backlit not working. I directly inform them , and they telling me " I dont know why, need to check " request me to send in for RMA again. lol

Ok, so now i reinstalled windows, installed latest atk packages. It failed to initialize. when pressing fn+f4, it run internet explorer instead of turning on back light. Ribbon cables are connected properly, only very low voltage on VCC , GND1, GND2 detected. 0.12V, the ATK package cannot access control into DMI port. Wrong address.

I dunno what else i can say about disappointment. But it was related to DMI settings in Firmware. they messed it up purposely during serial numbers transfer to new Motherboard. Now that make me hate Human, i really want to kill everyone.

Hopes someone can help me with this. They tell me technician are off for holiday for a week until 18 February.
Any technician here?

Level 13
Maybe the ASUS techs read all your hate posts here and dcided amongst themselves to make sure you remain in perpetual RMA until your warranty runs out to see if you will invoke a $50K lawsuit.

Shouldn't make death threats right before you ask for help.


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Level 7
What the FXXK is wrong with you? I POST NO HATE POST
Whats wrong with it?

If they can read it even better, but this situations same with my previous G751JY, after motherboard replacement, the Keyboard backlit gone.

THIS @justintyme motherfxxker inbox me and hates me alot, i dunno what the fk this dude doing in the community

Level 13

When you come back to the forum do not use swear words or wording to purposely bypass the filters in place.

Level 13
Hello After the visitor message you left a forum member you will not be coming back.