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G752VT - Need help to: Bios unlocking + Ram problem

Level 7
Hi everyone,
few days ago I have bought 2x16GB DDR4 Corsair 2667MHz Ram,
The problem is if I use the both ram my laptop will run but very badly, getting blue screen and my pc restart every few min.
but if i insert only 1 stick (no different on which slot) it will run as normal.
I have checked both ram and they are 100% working no error found on them.
I have read online about bios issue, so i need to get my bios unlocked so i can change frequency so it my help solved the problem
changing from auto to 2333MHz.
i have try to save my bios as rom and then modify the file to user but it's not unlock the chipset menu.
hope someone can help me solved this.