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G752VT M.2 Compatibility Questions

Level 7
Hello ROG Fam,

I have a G752VT-RH71, love it aside from the keyboard being a fingerprint magnet, but my HDD is getting very full and I want to install an M.2. I've read topic after topic of loads of issues on this, and remember that the Samsung 950 Pro specifically didn't work and everyone said to use the 951SM (or whatever it's called) since that one did work. Tonight, I happened to watch some videos with them apparently working now (but their price also went up since I bought the one for my desktop....$500 for a 512 now? gross) so I don't think I want one.

I guess my question is, would any M.2 work in theory (ones that are M compatible of course) and how can I go about moving the OS to the drive? I know Samsung has a migration software but if I didn't get a Samsung drive would it work? I'm quite fond of the WD M.2 drives, and I know that the newer 960s from Samsung are cheaper than the 950 at the moment if I need a Samsung drive to use its migration software.

Another note, sorry if this is a bit hard to read or has been answered before, I'm not a big forums guy and have been searching for the answer for a bit with no luck. Thanks in advance.