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G752VT high temperature

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Hi, it's me again. In ASUS service center I received my laptop after reapair with new stock cooling system. And - LOL - it's still about 100 C in games like BF 4. So, as I see, it's sort of normal operating temperature on load. As I read, a lot of users in this forum have the same issue, but another say it's about 80 C in games. It's very, very strange.

Delosari wrote:
I have a R752VM model. Iddle I have 43-48 degrees and in games (not very consuming ones) it stays around 75.

If I could ask you guys: Which gaming center version are you using? I have the 1.0.12.

Also by default the Turbo gear is on extreme configuration. Is it possible to change it with along with the profiles?

Where can I see version of gaming center?
Mine is on standard mode, i changed it via pressing ">>" near Turbo gear config ver 1.0.0 label

Ancients wrote:
There are a few options you can take to lower the operating temperatures.

You can try undervolting your CPU. I have my G752VT running on a -140 mV undervolt, and it is perfectly fine and stable with a significant drop in temperatures from stock voltage.

You can limit your processor to 99% which will limit the CPU clock to ~2.5GHz and, again, drop the temperature significantly, but also with a drop in performance(I have seen a 4-10fps drop in CPU-bound tests in 3D Mark when testing).

You can add an external laptop cooler. I use one from time to time for some games, and I have seen a 4-8 degree Celsius drop in temps in some games like Mechwarrior Online, which tend to make my laptop run pretty hot. Most of the time it doesn't really do much, just a degree or two difference. I had it as a leftover from a previous laptop.

And finally you can drop the temperature of your room. Maybe kick that AC down a few degrees and hope it helps.

I have one question, why vendor (ASUS) didn't do this? I am just simple user of device.

guyfawkes wrote:
I have one question, why vendor (ASUS) didn't do this? I am just simple user of device.

Because of silicon lottery. Stock clocks and voltage are set to values that would allow the CPU to function regardless of quality variations that cannot be avoided during manufacturing, especially as the whole process is not a waterfall where you get each resource from a specific supplier, then manufacture a fixed amount of chips in one specific factory and then move on to manufacturing another chip.
Many things can happen during the service life of a specific CPU, including hardware revisions, new batches produced later on due to excessive demand, etc.
This is why the final OC and/or undervolting must be done by the end user.

Plus, let's not forget that the reseller may adjust the laptop hardware configuration, which in turn may also affect the threshold values.
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Level 7
Turbo Gear Extreme mode doesn't appear to do anything to the core or memory clocks on my G752VT. So I use manual mode to max them both out.

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