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G752VT and G752VS no post

Level 7
I have a G752VT closed lid and when opens would not back on. Power button light was lit as were the power status and numlock lights. *Stays lit for 15 or so seconds the. Turns off then back on. Blank screen whole time.

Picked up a G752VS upgraded mem to 64 gig. Put in two 970evoplus 1 gig. Set up raid 0 and when reboot to start setting up Windows. Same thing blank screen, power lights are the same but staying on not cycling. *Edit * it is posting but takes about 5 minutes to get to the bios. If I have the usb drive plugged in it doesn’t post.


For the machine that has an issue sleeping I would try experimenting with different lid settings in Windows. Try having it not go to sleep and see if that does anything. If it's a problem with the display being unable to restore after being turned off you could also test this by having the power settings stay on but turn off the screen, then try to wake it.

For the machine with the RAID configuration, try a single drive in each slot to see if that makes a difference. Perhaps one of the drives or one of the slots is causing it to choke and trying different combinations will help you test both possibilities.
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