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G752VSK blank screen when resuming from hibernate

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I have a G752VS (with kaby lake) and I've noticed that if I close the lid the laptop goes to sleep. So far so good.
If I open the lid the laptop resume from sleep just fine. But if I leave it for over 3 hours it will go to hibernate mode and when I open the lid it opens but the screen stay blank.
Recently I read about some issues like this with hpet enabled in bios on some desktop motherboards. Might be related to this ?
Also few weeks ago I had a nexstar hx usb rack which caused some issues even when resuming from sleep. Also the rack after resuming from sleep was in device manager with a warning "running in compatibility mode" or something like this. I changed it with nexstar sub 3.1 which has a newer chipset and is detected as a scsi storage device instead of sub mass storage device. So far this new rack resumes just fine from sleep every time with no more warnings in device manager. Also from hibernate resumes fine but just from time to time the screen is blank as it happened with the previous rack.
Also both racks I've connected them to the left sub ports which I've read to have some issues. Indeed on the right usb the first rack nexstar hx didn't made any issue or warning just on the left side.
Anyway the new one nexstar usb 3.1 seems to work fine on the left usb ports but still if I disconnect him it might be my impression that the screen will work correctly. But even with the rack connected still works just from time to time remain blank. I didn't tested too much with it disconnected to see if it stay blank even without the rack.
Also, googling I saw some older posts from 2014 or so about other hp or dell laptops having this issue the screen to stay blank when resuming from sleep.
So... did anyone encountered this issue ? What might be a solution ?


Level 7
Anyone? 🙂

Level 13
i don't own this particular model of... laptop?
but i've read about similar problems like this, they solved it (some, limited effectiveness) by turning off fast boot + some disabling UEFI bios settings that allowed fast initializing (therefore forcing a full detect of system hardware).

try this, maybe?
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