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G752vs-xb78k LightBar/Keyboard/Screen Issue

Level 7
Hello Every1 i have bought my laptop after working for ages to afford it, and after using it for a while its simply not worth. This laptop is release in 2016 and until now many problems are fix that were discovered since then.

Problem 1:
The Keyboard went off so after doing some research and installing a different driver many keys flipped so i had to manually re-flip them and until now the num enter isn't working since its flipped with pause.

Problem 2:
Well this laptop worth a lot and i like to brag about it cool look, but the light bar keeps going off. The solution is a hard reset or battery drain which both can damage the laptop so i prefer not to.

Problem 3:
The Fps suddenly caps at 50 while playing games for an unknown reason. i unplug then re-plug the charge everything goes back to normal.

Problem 4:
Most of the times the laptop boots with black screen closing the opening the led powers it on.

Problem 5:
All drivers haven't been updated since late 2016.

Well i'm surely unsatisfied, i was planning to get ROG mobile but i can't trust ASUS anymore. I was running an MSI G72vr which simply didn't have an issue. 3k is an overprice for such a CRAPPY product.

Status Under Review
You used a program and updated your drivers.. didn't you.. ;f

Darnassus wrote:
You used a program and updated your drivers.. didn't you.. ;f

No i didn't. Problems started happening after each windows update.