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G752VS-XB72K Questions

Level 7
Hey Everyone,

Just got this laptop tonight, and have a few questions. Sorry if these have been asked before, everytime I tried to search seemed to time out, and my keywords were wrong.

I did a fresh install of Windows 10 tonight, and one of the things I did was install Intel XTU to undervolt the CPU a little. When I try to undervolt, and apply the settings. My memory speed goes from 1600mhz to 2400mhz. You have to forgive the stupid question, but is that normal? Or is there possibly a problem with something in XTU.

If there is a problem, do I need to reflash the bios to standard values? Or just reload the default profile in XTU

Also, if I reload the gaming center app, without the two files for the Tuner, I assume it is safe to use? It will just report normal things, and be able to control some aspects?

Thanks All!