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G752VS Replace Blue ray drive with HDD failure

Level 7
I tried swapping my Blue Ray for a HDD ATA casse that I still have laying around, so I put the HDD in
and then the Laptop will not turn on at all.

So I replaced it with the drive again, and it powers on again.

The HDD works fine, so is there something else that needs to be done?
or can't you use all HDD caddy's for it?

It's a Serial ATA one. it fits fine, but it doesn't work 😕

Any suggestions?

Level 14
That's because your connection is SATA and you have to have the correct Caddy to hold the hard drive.

If this old drive has an OS on you probably should format the drive as a logical drive os as not to confuse your Boot sector Its best to do that with the drive connectied VIA USB to SATA adapter
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Level 7
Ah, Thank you.. the images look the same, except the one I have is all plastic, and this has metal on it.
Guess it's old lol... (found it in the closet, it's been there for years)
Bought the metal casing one, should be here this week