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G752VS-RB71 NoteBook FanControl not slowing down? - solved?

Level 7
Hey guys,

Upon reading a suggestion to use NoteBook FanControl to control the fan speed on my G752VS-RB71 by using the profile for the Zenbook UX32LN, I was successful in increasing the fan speed %, but...bringing back down the slider for either CPU or GPU fan did absolutely nothing?

I had to shut down the computer just to get it to stop blowing so hard. I know about the button combo to max out fan speed also, but it wasn't that happening. The only action performed was me sliding via mouse the two sliders to I believe, 70% each? And then I couldn't get them to stop until shutdown.

They have some G752's listed in the profiles, like the VY for example, but not the VS. I tried pretty much all of those and the only one that would do anything to the fans was the Zenbook UX32LN profile.

Did I do something incorrectly? I figured it was a simple slider system and it could go up and down? It seems to only want to accept speed increases though.

Side question; is there a better fan control method anyone has discovered recently? I looked for anything else, and posts from 2015 to now are pretty much all just talking about NoteBook FanControl. Is that still all we got?

Level 7
Welp, I guess it was glitching initially.

I'm able to lower or raise the fan speed on CPU and GPU now. I've been trying it for two days and it's still letting me do it. Must have been a conflict that got resolved or something.