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G752vs owners please read

Level 7
I'm currently fed up with the problems in having with my g752vs and am about to send it back to the repair centre unless someone else has found fixes for these problems.
1. Light Bars partially lit when powered on while on charge.
2. Shutting the lid to make it sleep only to have it wake itself while the lid is closed.
3. Waking it from sleep only to have it sit at a black screen until you fire power off.
4. Num lock wont stay on after reset no matter what.
5. 2 finger scroll won't stay on no matter what drivers are tried.
6. Gpu throttling at 600mhz.
7. Fan not throttling up to full speed or even above idle during stress test.
8. Random shut downs as if I'd held the power button for 5 seconds.
9. Screen surround starting to peel away in the middle at the bottom.
10. Not being able to change any of the settings in ROG Gaming centre.

I don't want to send it away as I'm pretty certain it will come back with most of the same issues anyway and it's just going to be a waste of 10 days without it. Any help would be great.

Level 7
Is removing all the Asus software the answer because once it is factory reset during the windows setup everything functions as normal eg light Bars are on and 2 finger scroll works until it boots fully into OS

Level 9
Most of the points are strongly suggesting that someone was toying around with the laptop and it is all about messed up OS configuration (like power options) and some other lower level settings, BIOS, fans maybe even XTU.

Except 8. Random shut downs as if I'd held the power button for 5 seconds.
But it still might be might be due to overheating... and this might be caused by messed up setting for fans.

So who knows...
I would give a try to:
1. backup your system (make sure to backup also eSupport folder)
2. make a list and backup the current drivers version you have.
3. perform factory reset (be careful, ask others how to do it the correct way - if you have upgraded from win8.1 to win10 - maybe it is also clever to retrieve and copy product key somewhere before factory reset).

Level 7
You sound like you have a messed-up setup, especially with the ROG Gaming Center software. Lightbar, Fan issues stem from there.
It reboots because the fans wont speed up and you boil the laptop with stress tests.
Have you installed the BIOS update to 306 and the "keyboard fix" update?

Gestures breaking when waking from sleep (such as 2 finger scrolling) is a known problem.

Do you have USB input devices attached, like a mouse? Those can wake up a sleeping, closed laptop if the UEFI/BIOS setting says so
Especially if you set your laptop to keep running when closed, maybe to run it with a bigger, external monitor

Do you have other screens attached via HDMI? Sometimes the internal screen stays switched off for me if i had one connected, reboot or reconnecting the screen then opening the laptop "fixes" the switched off internal one.