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G752VS :: Lowered CPU voltage in BIOS = no more throttling

Level 12
So I recently decided to get the G752VS-XB78K. After taking it out of the box and finishing Windows Setup, I started benching and monitoring voltages, temps, etc.

To anyone that says 'clean' installs are stupid... obviously aren't enthusiasts and that's fine. I've always made a backup of the original drive that came with the pre-configured setup of Windows from ASUS onto another one or at least copied the eSupport folder out before formatting. Regardless, it is not required but it works just fine. Tired of seeing threads regarding this. Also, the NVMe drive requires the IRST driver loaded when you do a clean install of Windows during the setup in order to see it.

Anyway, back to the testing.

To my amazement, it was indeed reaching nearly 95°C almost instantly and throttling Turbo Boost clocks. The CPU 'static override' voltage was over 1.3v which adaptive makes 1.4v! So.... out comes the fun tools like AFUWIN to dump the BIOS, and AMIBCP to edit the access privileges for the additional menus and sure enough, there is an Overclocking one that's functional. You'll also have to go into the CPU configuration menu and adjust the override there for your cores as well. I'll post some screenshots. Sure enough after making the required changes in those screenshots, the temps drops to 77°C on extreme load and sometimes climbs to 80°C after a while when still at 4Ghz. This Aptio 5 BIOS is going to be so much fun to use compared to the Aptio 4 BIOS in the G751JY I had.

Now, what I would recommend doing is use ThrottleStop to find out how low you can go FIRST, before applying some random lower voltage and not be able to boot after saving it. When running ThrottleStop for the first time, you must default the voltages in its current state there to see any changes YOU make afterwards.

It's also normal for the system to power down after you adjust voltages in the BIOS and then turn back on.

This fix, literally addresses the entire issue regarding CPU throttling from higher temperatures due to the excessive amount of voltage applied under the "Extreme" profile.

I'm currently still testing things out with the machine so later on throughout the week, I'll post more up.

EDIT: Definitely uninstall the ROG Gaming Center and never use it! It affects and adjusts the settings I manually changed in the BIOS for the CPU OC.

Status Under Review
Excuse the mad bump, let me get this clear... Gaming Center is hijacking the CPU and OC'ing it up without the users consent?

In what way is it doing this? Max multipliers? Increasing Voltage?

What temp is the CPU reaching anyhow? Wouldn't Intel TurboBoost just be the culprit here?

Whenever I buy a laptop I just wipe it and reinstall my preferred OS, but I install the programs it usually comes with, I.E. GPU Tweak, (on my G750JX). I skip ReadyBoost though..

So GameBoost truly is problematic? Why? What exactly is it doing?

After modifying the BIOS as you suggest I can set the Core/Ring OC ratio and I'm undervolting via throttlestop. Everything's stable, fast, cool and quiet. But I need to tinker more (surprise). Can you tell me which of the voltage settings to change if I wanted to undervolt from the BIOS? I'd tinker myself but I know how easy it would be to brick the unit.

hey guys,
just got 7700hq version of G752VS

i'd like to get zero throttling and best possible max performance out of this laptop ....
wanna do probably some undervolting for cpu and gpu ... best setting for cpu in ThrottleStop and for GPU in msi AB curve maybe ?!?!

any help would be appreciated. thx in advance

I have been scratching my head so much, and trying to find any modified bios or something for my G752VS laptop. For some reason I never considered undervolting my totally overheating little thing. So for the first time on this computer I tried out Throttlestop, and god. Why didn't I do this before?

Before Throttlestop on stock clocks/voltages, My temps sometimes went up to 96C for short periods of time, then it throttle'd down etc and so on. But I was still running on some 85-90C and 80ish on the GPU if I remember it correctly.

Now i undervolted the CPU with -150mV (haven't tried more, but it seem extremely stable) This in turn made the computer spike to a maximum of 86C (just before the fans have catched up) Then it seem to be running on around 75-79C with a 300mhz OC on the 4 Cores compared to the stock clocks. The GPU is also Overclocked now with +100mhz running at aproximately 2000mhz GPU core with no + to voltage what so ever. Before Throttlestop I couldn't get more then 50mhz boost and it started capitulating. The GPU pretty much don't going above 70C now either.

Insane difference imo, and the CPU never throttles anymore either.

Level 7
Is there a way i can get the nbfc voltground profile, the web site is closed.