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G752VS laptop crashes > SSD disappears from BIOS/Device Manager/etc. + other issues

Level 7
First of all, hello everyone!

I'm new to these forums and a proud owner of G752VS for about two months. However, I ran into a problem approximately a week ago, that further led to several other problems. Very well, let me start.

The first problem that I encountered was about 7-10 days ago when I started noticing that textures are behaving in an odd way in 2 of the 3 games I have installed (World of Warcraft, Planetside 2, Heroes of the Storm)

With Heroes of the Storm unaffected by this problem, I started noticing that, for example, in World of Warcraft, textures (mostly limited to trees and their leaves) would become even more high res as I approached them. In addition to that, shadows would also suddenly "move" once and cover a slightly smaller/larger area as I approached them within a reasonable distance.

However, the most prominent issue I encountered was in Planetside 2. It was especially visible if I entered an aircraft and started flying, textures such as buildings would sometimes flicker and get additional textures as I approached them, while the mountains would slightly rise or fall and get a more polished texture. Please note that none of this used to happen for nearly two months and that my settings were untouched, whether it be in-game settings or Windows/system settings in general.

I suspected a new nVidia driver could be causing the issue and I wanted to reroll to an older one, but I eventually forgot to do so. Days later, a new driver was available, so I installed it instead, and with it came a new issue. I'm not so sure about my idle GPU/CPU temperatures, but I'm 99% sure that both GPU and CPU temperatures were getting between 5-10 degrees hotter after installing the latest driver. With WoW settings maxed out, sometimes the GPU would reach ~75 degrees while certain CPU cores would go as high as 82. This was greatly troubling me, and in addition to the previously mentioned texture-related issue, I ultimately decided to perform a clean Windows 10 installation.

Yes. You've guessed it. Another issue had emerged. Upon trying to reinstall Windows (from the Recovery section in Windows options, not from a DVD), only my SSD was detected, while the HDD was nowhere to be found during the installation process. So I proceeded with the installation, hoping to try and track the HDD down once the OS was up and running. Once I got the system up and running, it froze after several minutes while I was configuring Windows themes, colors and such. Like, it froze completely, so, what I did was force power down the laptop by pressing the power button. After the laptop had shut down, I powered it on again, but it was stuck at "Republic of Gamers" logo. After countless restarts, I figured out several things. The laptop would get stuck at the logo for about 5 minutes, and then the logo would disappear, leaving the screen black (the backlight was still on, keep in mind), and that phase would last for another 2 or so minutes before the system would get me into BIOS.

First several times I got into it, both SSD and HDD were present in the device list, although, at once point, during all subsequent restarts and boots into BIOS I would not be able to find SSD, only HDD and the optical drive. Another weird thing is that the "Boot Priority" list was completely empty, and there was nothing I could do about it. I searched the internet and tried a few things by disabling "Secure Boot", enabling "CSM", disabling "Fast Boot", and after a while, I somehow managed to get the optical drive appear on the boot priority list, being the single item that was present there. So I burned an ISO Windows installation to a DVD on my old laptop and inserted it into this laptop.

I proceeded with the OS installation, and as previously noticed in BIOS, only my HDD was present in the partition list so I installed the OS there this time around. Upon booting into Windows, I searched for my SSD everywhere, including Device Manager and BIOS later on (again), but to no avail. I managed to get the drivers up and running, and despite the "missing" SSD, the laptop was still running into weird issues.

I've been checking and monitoring this all day today. Alas, if I'm booted into Windows and choose to restart it, it restarts pretty much without any problems (although taking longer than usual, around 1 minute, since the OS is installed on the HDD and not the SSD which I cannot see anyway). But if I completely shut down the laptop with the "shut down" option and power it on back again, it seemingly gets stuck at the ROG logo for like 5 minutes, and then the Windows spinning circle suddenly appears underneath, booting into the OS shortly after. I also have trouble entering BIOS and choosing booting priority devices as it sometimes takes several restarts to do so. Also, keep in mind that I booted into BIOS after all this and reverted all the options I had changed to their default settings (such as "Enable Secure Boot" and the like), and it didn't seem to affect anything.

Something is really f'd up, I mostly suspect a faulty SSD due to that initial sudden freeze, maybe even a motherboard issue... I read somewhere that resetting CMOS can help regarding similar issues. Since I'm still under the warranty period as I've been using the laptop for only 2 months, I'm going to take it back to Switzerland where I bought it (I'm from Serbia) as I'm somewhat sceptical about our Asus technicians (since this laptop model is not available for sale here, etc. etc.)

Sorry for this huge wall of text, but I'm really frustrated and exhausted after trying to fix all these problems I ran into. I hope some of you may have some insight about this, maybe certain ideas from your own experience or various helpful ideas in general. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

P.S. This is where I got my laptop, and this is the exact model:

Level 7
Hi, I've had the "disappearing drive" issue too. You need to install the firmware updates (BIOS 306 and possibly the "keyboard fix") for that to stop. Atleast i didn't have it in a very long time now.

You can grab these from here:

Also, be aware of this link, especially make sure to use the latest ATK drivers available, these are a huge source of grief

Finally, read this if you are having overheat issues. TLDR: Uninstall ROG Gaming Center, delete the config file from the installer, reinstall it. Use Throttlestop to undervolt the CPU.

I believe my BIOS version is 202, the laptop came with it when I bought it 2 months ago... Do you really think SSD has just "disappeared" and not died? This entire situation is rather weird... I want to ship it back to the seller so that they fix it as warranty covers everything, but the return period is anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks, and I don't want to wait that long 😕


I have found the solution - the SSD is highly likely dead; I removed it and turned the laptop on, I no longer get ~10 minute boot times, probably because the laptop isn't force trying to boot from a dead SSD, but instead boots from the working HDD right away.

I hope opening the storage hatch doesn't void the warranty? There is no way they can find out I opened that anyway, but if that doesn't void the warranty in any way, I was thinking of taking the laptop back and telling them what the exact issue is, would that be possible? If so, do you think they could easily replace it in a day (or a couple of days) or I'd still have to wait between 2-6 weeks as they told my uncle on phone?

Best regards,